Make a genuine attempt in understanding Kundali Name matching

Make a genuine attempt in understanding Kundali Name matching

Kundali Name Matching is the process of matching horoscopes of two people with the help of their names. In Indian tradition, name-keeping ceremonies of newborn babies are executed with utmost care and delicacy. Only the intimate members of the family are invited and the starting letter or sound of the name is revealed through an elaborate ritualistic process. With the same name, the name is kept following the parents. Hence, on similar lines, Kundali matching is possible with just name and is known as Kundali name matching. Kundali Name Matching does not require other credentials to be accounted for like the date of birth, time of birth, or place of birth. However, Kundali name matching is not recommended if you are serious about wanting to marry your partner. In such cases, detailed Kundali Matching is the way to go, not with Kundali Name Matching.

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What is the difference between detailed Kundali Matching and Kundali Name Matching?

Detailed Kundali Matching is followed similarly like Kundali Name Matching except in it, date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth is utilized in the former and not in the latter. The very first step of detailed Kundali matching is Guna Milan and it is the same as well in Kundali Name Matching. When the birth zodiac signs of both individuals are procured in Kundali name matching, the same steps are followed as they are in Detailed Kundali Matching. The three things that astrologers look and consider in times of matrimony for Kundali Name Matching and Detailed Kundali Matching is the Guna Milan score between the groom and the bride, the strength of their Navamsa Chart, and the presence or absence of Mangal Dosha in their Kundalis. This is the difference between Kundali Name Matching and detailed Kundali Matching.

Can I trust the online Kundali Name Matching software?

Yes. You can trust the online Kundali name matching software. However, do remember that the data which is shown as the result is mechanized. If you are someone who is truly looking for valuable insights about your partnership with your partner and future marital insights, you should only consult a trusted Astrologer face-to-face. A lot of queries that we hold about Kundali Name matching or Kundali Milan, in general, can be solved right there. But if you are just looking for fun, you can try out online Kundali name matching software for sure.

Kundali Name matching has already garnered a lot of criticism from the liberals of our Indian society but they forgot that it is not a tradition but an actual process that was formalized understanding the Astrological science. Now many connotations have been added to Kundali Matching, be it religious, traditional, right-wing, etc. However, you can try it out for yourself. We should revere these traditions and make a genuine attempt in understanding them, be it Kundali Name Matching or Detailed Kundali Milan.