manglik dosha

In today’s world or in any decade, Love holds a different sense of being alive from within the soul
that reaches to the realm of the spirits. We all fall for the person we get attracted to but
Universe has its own way of choosing the one who is really meant for us and in that aspect, Kundali
matching helps us as an angel in disguise to direct us towards the one meant solely for us.
People have the habit to be driven along with their ego rather than the feelings or the emotions that
they build up. This starts to create a sense of unhappiness between the two lovers despite being
madly in love with one another.


The nature of the Kundali matching has the aspect of authenticity in revealing the life of the two
people according to the zodiac and the time of birth that they take birth on. When the individuals
cross their adolescence, a time comes when they are in a position to take their step towards the
purity of marriage and a new horizon of relationship.
Through the process of Kundali matching, the dosha like the famous Manglik dosha is revealed which
helps them to address it with the steps that are necessary for moving towards leading a beautiful
lifestyle. If we try to ignore such warnings, it is not only like digging the grave for our own life but
also for the life of our partner and the family.


Mars is the planet that believes in fighting and moving towards anything that is successful. In the
Vedic history, it holds the power to move an individual’s life towards success and help them in
dodging various obstacles that come between them and success. This stays till they are not thinking
about marriage because once the person starts to indulge themselves in the beautiful realm of
marriage, Mars starts to bestow the negative energies by the means of war and fights which it is
already good at. It is not the fault of the planet as well. It is born with such powers to be bestowed
upon. It depends on the luck of the individual.
Due to the effect of Mars on the life of the individual, there are chances that they might have to
live unmarried forever till they live. There are always chances that their marriage might keep on
getting delayed whether they want it or not. Manglik dosha comes to its form if the planet gets
situated in the 1 st, 4 th, 7 th, 12 th, and 8 th houses in the birth chart of the individual. It is really a matter of
gaining tension that the planet holds the power of destroying the marriage as well.


Every problem in the world of astrology has a definite way of gaining a solution. It helps them to
get reunited with their lover/beloved as well. That is why, it is always suggested to take help or
advice from the astrologers and the experts before sitting for the wedlock as, without proper
remedy, life can turn out to be a barren land if proper precautions are not taken.
If the individual follows these remedies in the absence of an astrologer, it will help them to restore
the balance of peace and harmony that they want to yield in their life.

– Place a tulsi plant at home as tulsi is associated with Lord Krishna. It helps in the smoothening
of the relationship that has caused the blunder.
– The women of the house must decorate the tulsi plant with turmeric and sindoor and water
the plant religiously.
-It is also advised to gift a flute built out of wood or metal like silver to the tulsi plant. The
man of the house must do it.
– It is also advisable to keep betel leaves in front of Lord Krishna because he holds the power
to decorate your life with happiness.
– Reciting the mantra Om Namah Shivaya is very important to build harmony between