When it comes to kundali matching, kundali matching is a process where the
expert astrologer will ask the potential couple for their personal details, like their
date of birth, the place of birth, and the time of birth, in order to draw up their birth
charts or popularly known as horoscopes. The next step in the process of kundali
matching is to match and compare these horoscopes of the individuals to know if
they are actually compatible with each other or not, and to even determine if they
will be able to share a happy married life with each other. The main aim of kundali
matching are to know the longevity of the marriage and to make sure that the
individuals that are involved in marriage are happy in the company of their partner,
no matter how hard and tough things will get for them during the years of their
married life.

What is Manglik dosh and what role does it play in kundali matching?

Mangalik dosha is also popularly known as the kuja dosha or even the chovva
dosha, where in the individual who is born with the planet Mars in their horoscope,
especially when the planet is positioned in the second, fourth, seventh, eighth or
even the twelfth house of the janam kundali. This individual is called or known to
be a Manglik and the doshas is one of the most dangerous and feared doshas in
kundali matching mainly because when the Manglik decides to get married, it is
believed that their married life will not be a happy one unless they are married to
another Manglik.

The characteristics of a Manglik.

There is no hard and fast rule that only one sex can be a Manglik, individuals from
both the sexes can be a Manglik. Now, in order to know where exactly the trouble
lies, we need to start from the root cause. The planet of Mars is known to
symbolize ego and energy, respect and pride. So, without any doubt, when an
individual is born as a Manglik, they tend to be people with a volatile temper and
find it hard to adjust with people, which causes a lot of problems in any
relationship. Manglik individuals are people who have the kind of energy which is
highly passionate and is believed to be compared to the fire element. Due to this,
they need to utilize their energy through the right methods and in doing something
productive, and if they do not, they might actually combust. A fact remains that if
the Manglik is born on a Tuesday, it is said that the effects of being a Manglik and
the Manglik dosha no longer hold true. Even the marriage between two individuals who are Manglik cancels out the dosha and the negative effects that are cause by the dosha.

The effects that are caused due to Manglik dosha in the marriage of the individuals.

This dosha causes unnecessary fights between the couple, especially in their household which could even result in violence and physical fights. The Manglik dosha
also tends to affect the family life of a married couple. The dosha also tends to affect
their work life and financial troubles are always there in their house, so much that
the financial problems are like another member of the family. The individual tends
to be someone who is extremely domineering and may even have multiple
relationships in spite of having a partner. This again often results in fights and find
it hard to even maintain relationships with their family members. Apart from this,
the Manglik dosha also affects the mental health of the individuals which results in
the individual finding it hard to maintain a normal lifestyle. They even tend to find
themselves in debt, or even a huge number of financial losses, and even have times
where they tend to lose out on their ancestorial property rights. They tend to be hot-tempered individuals who need things to be done their way and never have happy married lives until they are married to someone who is a Manglik as well, or unless they are a Manglik who is born on a Tuesday.