Matching Hearts via Kundali Milan

Matching Hearts via Kundali Milan

What’s kundali?

A Kundali is a document that’s used to perform astrological calculations.
It means the state of planets and their position. Kundali is the projection of time
of when a person is born. Each person has a different Kundali according to their
place of birth, time of birth, etc.

How does the position of these planets affect a person? Behaviour and property
(such as nature of thinking, health, their body’s property like is it a “pit”,
“ragha”, “kaf”, “hawa” prakruti etc) of human beings have full effect of the
position of planets and stars.

The temperament of a person gets affected by these positions of celestial objects
according to the astrological science.
Kundali shows what it the grahdasha ( grah = planet & dasha = state) of a
person, their favourable places and situations, kundali can also predict the
happiness of having a father, mother or not, having a torchbearer (guru), having
good friends, the advantage of having a brother or not, etc.

How kundali Milan is done?

Kundalis are made for both male and female.
When we say our nature matches each other, what we mean to say is that the
guy and the girl has hot & cool temperament. They complete each other as one
is short tempered and the other is equally calm minded.

The things we learn about our partner by living and being with them, those
things can be predicted by kundali Milan by name.
In kundali Milan by name calculations are done which gives the result as of how
many matching points we can get. With respect to kundali it’s called Gunn and

Kundali Milan by name is useful mostly during arranged marriage when the
people getting married don’t know anything about each other and by doing
kundali Milan by name the behaviour, ups and downs of two people being
together can be derived and depending on that these arranged marriages take

A mismatched kundali Milan by name case is said to have led to untimely death
if married.
All these calculations are based on science of human nature. As I explained
previously it’s derived from the very birth of a person and the celestial
placements of the stars and planets during the birth.
In developed countries we believe in Destiny. Technically this is what destiny is
but right from the beginning of a story and not towards the end.

Everything is inter-related, be it kundali, horoscope, palm reading, face reading,
science of alchemy, zodiac (sun sign based), etc.

There are people who do kundali Milan by name and cheat people by boasting
about having knowledge and accurate prediction in field of astrology thus people
feel it’s just all fake, but if a person has expertise and their calculations are
accurate this is purely mathematics & science and is hundred per cent true.
Some people believe in it, and some don’t. At the end of the day it’s pure
science and mathematics if done accurately.