According to this house, one’s life will start with problems. The childhood period of your life will
be filled with problems. It will take you a lot of time to find yourself or what your calling is in life.
You will get many different jobs which means that you will change a lot of jobs throughout your
life, some of them maybe because of your relationship with your co-workers. You’re a strong
person with a lot of enemies but if your moon is in a strong position then you will be able to fight
them off and achieve success in life.


This house of the moon is all about your personal life. It focuses on your married life. It states
that you’re a spontaneous person who doesn’t think much about doing things as you do what
feels right at the time. Due to this fact, you’re likely to be married more than one time. The first
marriage will come at a very early age and will be a result of your spontaneous nature. When
you find that special someone who will know it’s true as you both will be passionate and loving
together. Business on its own will not be successful, it will be successful with a partner. You just
need to find the right partner.


Moon in the eighth house is not in the favor of any individual mostly. This house comes with a
lot of health problems. The health problems will disturb the individual throughout his life. The
relationship with his family will not be happy or satisfactory. The family will always be at odds
with one another and it will result in many conflicts. There is also a lack of confidence that will
slow his/her momentum in life. The moon offers financial stability but if it is malefic in nature the
health problems will be answered and may be life-threatening.


This house of the moon will give you all the things that you desire the most. Popularity will not
be a new concept as you’re gonna be popular at a very young age. Popularity is not the only
thing however, you will be generous and down to earth in your everyday life. The relationship
with your family will be great as you will be dedicated to fulfilling your family’s needs and wants.
There is a special bond between you and your father which will motivate you in your life.


In this house, the thing that you will be the best at is helping people as it is in your nature to help
out others in need. Moon in the tenth house states that doing work that offers fame will be very
good for you as you will thrive in that kind of environment. Your career path will take one many
places mostly overseas which may be difficult for you because you have a very strong relationship with your mother. It is possible that you will get a very responsible and respectable
position in the government. You will come across a lot of people and will be popular among


The eleventh house of the moon will offer immense financial gains as it puts you in a lucky
position. It is likely that you’re an ambitious person and those ambitions will be realized in life.
People in your life may need your help at some point as they may be emotionally distorted. A
job in the government is a possibility as you will be successful in that kind of role. Along with
money things will be great in the family as relationships with kids will be great and happy.
Nature overall may be lazy in some ways but that won’t be an issue.


The twelfth house is a unique house as it presents different desires. The individual will most
likely be lazy in nature. The interest will be in mysterious things as normal things will not excite
you but you will be a romantic in your heart. There will be a desire to travel abroad and you will
travel abroad many times in your life. Life may bring you a lot of enemies but you will know who
they are and how to tackle them.