NADI DOSH: The most hazardous of all dosh.

Kundli matching is very essential for a marriage as it predicts the lifelong happiness of the couple. Performed by comparing the Kundli of both the individuals, this ritual mainly focuses on trying to find any possible dosh that can potentially ruin the marriage. 

Decoding the logic behind ‘doshas.’

Kundli doshas are the presence of fatal defects that are found after merging of the two individual’s Kundli. There are several doshas and the presence of any one of them can result in drastic effects in the life of a married couple. When these doshas are individually present in one of their Kundli but are recessive, there might not be any effect seen or visible in the person’s life. But when both the Kundlis come together, this recessive dosh keeps the potential to become dominant and affect both the individuals that are involved in the marriage. 

The presence of these doshas usually lies in the incorrect and negative positioning of the planets. Whenever there is the presence of a ‘Dosh’ in the horoscope, the individual is deprived of the beneficial and auspicious result that the particular planet has to offer and is instead affected with the negative influence of that planet. 

These doshas if stays unattended for longer durations can result in lifelong damages within the marriage and might also become the reason behind the fall of the marriage. 

What IS Nadi Dosh?

When both the individuals are belonging to the same ‘Nadi,’ there would be the presence of this dosh in their Kundli. This is the most undesirable dosh for any marriage. Depending upon the placement of the Moon in various Nakshatras or constellations during the time of birth, three different Nadis are formed. These are Aadi Nadi, Madhya Nadi, and lastly, Ant Nadi. If both the partners Kundli comes under the same Nadi, their point in the ‘Nadi Koota’ comes zero and this is how the Nadi dosh is found.

This dosh is said to represent health and the genes of the two partners. With valid reasons, this dosh often results in unmanageable troubles and several conflicts between the couple that will make the marriage very dissatisfying and could even end in divorce. Any astrologer’s first advice would be to reconsider the match and to not marry a partner who comes from the same Nadi. 

Effects of Nadi Dosh.

Presence of Nadi dosh can result in a marriage that lacks sexual passion and hence resulting in a very disappointing sexual relationship. This can often cause one of the partners to become disloyal and indulge in infidelity. There are bound to be several clashes between the two individuals and complete lack of bonding. The couple is likely to have a relationship that is full of misconceptions and major communication gaps. 

It is believed that if this dosh is present in the matched Kundlis of any couple, the next generation that would come from them would be weaker. The presence of this dosh can also eliminate the entire chance of a couple from having any offspring at all. It is also believed that if a couple with the same Nadi have a marriage, their genes are likely to result in an unhealthy or an abnormal child. They might have to endure several miscarriages, face abortion or even difficulties in conception. 

Apart from problems related to offspring, the marriage would endure extreme levels of health-related problems with either one of the partner or both facing major health issues. There are the chances of accidents, chronic diseases and in extreme level, even the death of one individual. 

Though there are some remedies present to eliminate or at the very least reduce the effect of this dosh, most astrologers suggest that the match is reconsidered. A couple will only realise that there is a presence of this dosh in their Kundlis and opt for required remedies once they get their Kundli matched. Any marriage is incomplete without a child, and for the presence and well-being of not only the two individuals but even the child, Kundli matching plays a very essential role.