Noticeably awful impacts of Ketu on Kundali matching for marriage!

Given the couple has a strong effect on Ketu in their natal outlines, their date and time of birth
are sufficient to decide the outcomes of the union by the technique of Kundali matching for
marriage. One out of the pair of highly important celestial entities is Ketu, and the list of
implications it holds even without the presence of Rahu is stressful and sometimes even blissful.

Where Ketu should not be placed as per Kundali matching for marriage:

It says that if there is the presence of the entity in the main birth chart, health adversity will be
there till the middle age of the man and his better half. They would suffer at everything for a
range of score years. Given the plan of Ketu is in the d9 birth chart, the couple will have a dim
imperfection on the compatibility part of their marriage life, fundamentally in the years they
should be upbeat and substance; it will rather seem offbeat. When Kundali matching for
marriage predicts the circumstance of Ketu is in the last place of the d9 diagram, the nearby gets
harmed by deceit or betrayal, if terrible planning assembles, he can even get harmed from actual
contact because of fighting with somebody he has had a tedious account with. The particularly
feared setting of the entity is around the focal as it gives two or three colossal measures of
plenitude in its standard; an incredible course of action in every other entity will offer more, by
duplicating the impacts by factors.

When to get married and if to get married at all:

The effect of Ketu on the disappearing periods of luck makes the time of local people
disappointing. The situation of Ketu all through a month is vital and if there is an addition in the
measure of peril that twirls on the top of the man or the lady, then that won’t be viewed as the
ideal opportunity to get married. Sometimes the outcomes are so bizarre that families tend to call
off the marriage entirely; after all, it is about the satisfaction of the heart.
It can even explain other significant planets moving in delicate conditions. While performing
Kundali matching for marriage, the circumstance of Ketu in the focal of the d9 chart adds to the
issue of assets and liabilities. Accordingly, if the terrible planning of the entity extends, Ketu will
provoke an accident and the most ideal alternative is to defer the marriage for at least half a year.
The presence of Ketu will offer a rising to the similarity in marriage if the time frame chosen for
performing it has Rahu. When it is with Rahu, it is like extra drama gets added to everything. If
there is a chance that the couple will go through a mid-life crisis, the presence of Rahu will make
sure that their marriage turns pale. This is why an astrologer never likes them together.