Online kundli matching: A new bond of astrology and technology.

Online kundli matching: A new bond of astrology and technology.

Kundli matching in an online resource helps to match the horoscope of two individuals based on
the traditional ashtakoota method. It’s a process of matching the kundali online of the bride and
groom, where both sides are curious to know the influence of their individual stars on their
marriage and the remedial measures that needs to be taken to ensure your eternal martial

There are 36 points among both the horoscopes where it is believed that if 18 or more points
match the marriage would be good and successful, on the other hand, if the match is below 18
points the marriage is not approved by astrology.

Matching kundli online is a news portal that connects the internet to astrology.
There are several processes performed during an online kundli match session. Some of them
are discussed below:

Janam kundli:

Janam kundali of both the bride and groom plays a vital role in an online kundli match session.
Hindu astrology lays emphasis on Janam kundali which is a report made on the basis of a birth
chart that is prepared using personal details like name, gender, date of birth, time of birth
, and place of birth.

Online kundli matching sites also provide an opportunity to make one’s Janam kundali online is
not made yet.

Love calculator:

A love calculator is a way in which the love percentage between a couple is determined. In this
the process there are some common details that are matched between the bride and groom and a
conclusion of an average percentage between them is done.
Love calculator calculates the percentage of love with the help of positions of planets and stars
in the kundli of both the bride and groom.

Zodiac sign compatibility:

It’s a process in which the sustainability of relationships is judged on the basis of compatibility
between the zodiac signs of the girl and the boy. It is believed that some particular zodiac signs
do not match together and are said to have the lowest compatibility level. Horoscope matching
is based on the Guna Milan score of the couple. In an online kundli matching session the kundli
Milan score along with the details of both the sides are provided to judge the compatibility of
their zodiac signs.

Guna Milan:

A Guna Milan is the match of 8 Guna or Akhtaboot that is calculated on the basis of the birth
details of the bride and the groom. In Hindu astrology, it is believed that the compatibility of these
8 Gunas decides the fate and destiny of a marriage. These 8 Gunas are


Graha Maitri

There is a very frequently asked question on online kundli matching that is the reliability of
online kundli matching for marriage.

Surprisingly online kundli matches are thought to be the best method to generate an online
horoscope matching report. It is believed that the minor errors or glitches that have a probability
to occur in a human-made report gets edited when generated by a computer. An online kundli
matching session is believed to provide a more accurate and comprehensive result.