Finding a groom or a bride for oneself and getting is not just how we Indians work, living in
a country like ours the effects, and the significance of traditions play a vital role in deterring
the actual future of the natives. Matching kundalis and connecting the birth charts of the
two people into consideration is something the rituals and traditions of India give a lot of
importance to. In order to get married and to bind two people not known to each other in a
long-term relationship, one needs to be sure of the physical, emotional, and mental
compatibilities of the two natives. Matching the gunas through the Ashthakoots method,
figuring out the doshas if any, and kundali matching, in general, must be taken into


As we all know that the presence of doshas has quite a malefic effect on the married of the
natives so, it’s better to sort these doshas out. Likewise, the significance of Rahu
represents illusions in one’s kundali and this node has the power to overcome the moon
and restrict the movement of all the planets creating a certain malefic effect on one’s life.
The presence of Rahu is considered to be that of a curse as it may not have a physical
existence, but then it’s metaphoric presence in our kundalis might cause illusions,
indecisive nature traits, confusion, and a major capacity to lose oneself. the significance of
this node in one’s kundali represents the bad karmas from the previous life that the person
seems to have pay in this life of theirs. 


The positioning of Rahu with different plants creates several different kinds of problems,
and it might be a shadow planet without a physical presence, but it still has a lot of power
to ruin the life of a person and it basically proceeds against the path of righteousness.
Well, we know that by now you might have had a very negative though of Rahu and even
the sight of it horrifies you, but as per the Vedic astrology and as laid out by our ancestors,
Rahu sure is a malefic element in one’s kundali, but it also has a few positive impacts in
terms of kundali matching. If Rahu is in an auspicious position it might turn the tables
especially at a professional front and it can enable the natives to reach great heights and
achieve the desired success. 

The auspicious influence of Rahu might put us in a state of collective harmony and give us
extremely higher charts of fame, power, and success altogether. As for the actors, their
destinies on the kundali chart also depend on the positioning of Rahu as the positive
impact of Rahu has helped many celebrities achieve great heights out there. Likewise,
when Rahu aligned by mercury can give a good insight in terms of astrology. Rahu usually
functions best when placed in the strongest house as this node usually has a horrific effect
on one’s kundali and those negatives can only be turned into positives by rectifying the doshas in the same. But that’s not the only way as, Rahu can be beneficial, in some cases the natural positioning of Rahu acts as a positive trait. 

  • The auspicious positioning of Rahu gives us all the outer world pleasures, power, and
  • If Rahu is with Moon then the native might attain an opportunity in the agricultural field. 
  • The positive positioning might also lead to your career as an actor or in show buzz with
    utmost fame and desire. 
  • If Rahu exists with Mercury the possibility of business management might be a high one. 
  • When With Jupiter then success at a political front can be possible.
  • When with venus, Rahu makes a person look good and attractive.