Reasons Why Love is the Most Important Ingredient in your Recipe of Marriage

Reasons Why Love is the Most Important Ingredient in your Recipe of Marriage

Living in an Indian society tends to give us a heads up about the traditions and cultures that we ought to follow in order to respect the essence of our country. Speaking of traditions, one of the most important factors in terms of following the cultures and customs is that of marriage.

The excitement of Wedding bells is known to be an extremely sacred and affectionate symbol of the traditional aspects of Vedic astrology. Astrological norms and regulations are highly important in terms of the bond of marriage because it gives rise to the concept of love kundali matching.

Love kundali matching is what ensures the compatibility of the couple, but the question that arises is that are the norms and traditions involved in Kundali matching more important, or is love considered to be more significant in a marriage?

Well, love kundali matching is a secondary aspect, because if you don’t fall in love with your partner then even the process of love kundali matching might also not work. Let us discuss a few reasons why love is so important in a marriage.

Ensures Compatibility

Love kundali matching and all the norms tied to the same tend to give you a certain sense of surety about your future life with your partner. It tends to match your gunas and determine your compatibility. 

But, apart from this astrological concept, the feeling of mere love is what does the magic. Love is what initiates compatibility, with the right and pure amount of affection the couple can find a middle ground and hence become compatible.

Encourages Adjustments

Love kundali matching sure does ensure the compatibility of the bride and the groom, but the most important factor which is that of adjustments and compromises comes only and only with the influence of love. Making adjustments and compromises is probably the alternate definition of marriage, and love tends to highlight all these selfless emotions in a person which in turn helps the couple make compromises with each other easily without any conflicts. 

All the customs and remedies involved in love kundali matching will probably help the bride and the groom to make their marriage work, but the naturally infused emotions that of love will give you the strength to make compromises for your partner.

Physical intimacy

Love kundali matching might help you ensure a perfect sexual life and it also might give you a list of constructive remedies to rule out any issues in your physical life. 

But love on the other hand does not need any validation to ensure a perfect sexual life. Love gives you the perfect amount of natural attraction and attention that one needs in order to have a steamy sex life.

P.S.- All in all, love gives you all the strength you need to be with your partner and maintain a lifelong bond with them.