In forecasting the future, the Birth Chart or Janam Kundali facilitates. The location of the Moon
is taken into account for the readings to be carried out. It helps to predict various aspects of
daily life, such as profession, married life, youth, health, income, etc.
Janam Kundali consists of both positive and negative elements, each of which is called Yog and
Dosha respectively. Raj Yog is one of them. It is a Yog, equivalent to a regal rank, which provides
luck and wealth.
Happiness is in varying proportions in each person’s Janam Kundali, but everyone needs to lead
a happy and peaceful life. At different times and for varying periods of time, everybody could
be happy. All this is determined by the location of the planets, and by Yogs related to Kundali

Meaning of Raj Yog:

Raj Yog signifies, as the term is read, an attribute that brings us a life full of pleasure, close to
that of a king or royalty. It is not known to be very special, even though it has so much worth.
This Yog happens only when the planets that are auspicious in the Janam Kundali of a certain
individual are correctly aligned and combined. Factors linked to the Ascendant system are
considered during the reading of the Janam Kundali.
The reading is performed according to the position of the Ascendant entity, which, after
merging the planets, helps to evaluate whether the planets in the alignment are auspicious or
inauspicious and whether they are a significator, an insignificator, or a prime significator.
In addition to these, planets should also take into account their inherent auspiciousness or
inauspiciousness. Exalted planets are required for Raj yoga in the Kendra house, ascended
Venus in the line of destiny, and relationships between navamsha and dashamsha are critical.
No special planet in a Kundali shapes Raj yoga, but all planets are equally responsible for its
creation. Astrology claims the Moon has a significant effect on the yoga in its different
placements. A compromised Moon will become an obstacle that produces favorable effects for
a mixture of planets.

Gaj Kesari Raj Yoga:

This is a very lucky and important yoga in kundali matching. With this yoga in your life, you are
likely to be benefited with success in your respective field of work. You are very obedient and
care a lot about others.

Planet Jupitar is responsible for the formation of this yoga in your life. Gaj Kesari Yoga will make
you generous, grounded and intellectual. You will be good at communication and also like
interacting with the people around you.

Malavya Panch Mahapurush Yoga:

This again is a very important as well as lucky yoga that can be found in your kundali. You will
enjoy all the luxuries and comforts in your life. You will be blessed with materialistic happiness
as well. You will simply adore anything artistic.
This yoga is formed due to the planet Venus. With this particular yoga in your kundali, chances
are that you will be a person full of virtues. You will glow a lot and will be benefitted with every
kind of comfort in your life.

Neech Bhang Raj Yoga:

This is a very strong form of yoga. This yoga is known to help you get rid of any kind of trouble
in your life and bestow upon you a lot of money as well as wealth. This yoga is very much visible
in your life and is known to influence your life in many different ways.
With Neech Bhang Raj Yoga seen in your kundali during the process of kundali matching, there
is a high possibility that you will have the life of a king. You will be blessed by goddess Lakshmi
and thus keep getting successful in your life.

Hans Panch Mahapurusha Yoga:

This yoga is formed due to the presence of planet Jupitar in different houses of your kundali.
With this yoga in your life, you will be very lucky and your skills will help you earn fame in the
society. You will make sure to do a lot of good work for yourself as well as for the people
around you. This too is an important yoga.