Moon is known as the queen of the planets and it describes the women in your life. It is the
planet for women especially for your relationship with your mother. A negative moon can mean
that you don’t have great relationships with your family or you don’t stay with them. It is
important for everyone to have a strong relationship with their family and the mother is the most
important part of the family according to the moon. 

The mother is the ruler of the moon so it is advised that someone who is suffering from a
malefic or weak moon should fulfill their mother’s wishes or should accept their mother’s
desires. According to the moon, it is very important to make good relations with your mother as
it will be very beneficial for you. Respecting your mother’s wishes will bring you closer to your
mother and your family which is essential for your emotional stability as they are a big part of
your life. When we do things on our own we feel like something’s missing, many times that
something’s is your family and your mother’s love. 


Many people think of such stuff as superstition or many parts of astrology as superstitions but
milk can dictate your position on the moon. Milk is associated with many gods in Hindu
astrology and it has many meanings. It is widely known that donating milk can be very beneficial
for you as it gives you the blessings of gods. Another thing that will happen when you donate
milk is that it will help strengthen your moon. It is said by many astrologers that donating milk is
very beneficial and strengthens your moon. 

People with a weak moon are advised to donate milk at a particular place regularly to help their
moon. There is no disadvantage of donating milk and it is said that people with weak moon
should not consume milk on Mondays as it is not good for them or their position on the moon to
drink milk on Mondays. You are not advised to drink milk on Mondays especially in the morning
but you can still donate milk even if it’s Monday. Milk is related to women making it a factor for
strengthening your moon, it may help you with the problems you’re facing in your life.