Results of Kundali matching

kundali matching

Kundali matching is a ritual in which the future possibilities of marriages are determined. It is an
auspicious ritual and very important in marriages. So, the ritual basically does two main works – one is
checking the compatibility and the other is finding faults. These two are the main jobs of the ritual in
marriages. But apart from that, there are other works as well that are done by Kundali matching. It is
considered to be the ideal ritual for making decisions in marriages. Weddings are a very big thing for
everyone. It brings so many changes in the lives of people. It completely transforms our life. Hence,
some decisions should be made such that they have a positive influence on marriage.
Now, the results of Kundali matching is very significant. Lots of things are dependent on the results.
Hence, it is necessary to understand the correct results so that you could have an understanding of
the situation as well.

Results of compatibility check

The compatibility test determines how compatible the couples are in a relationship. There should be
an in-depth checking of the compatibility because it determines whether one person will be
favorable to marry the other person or not. The compatibility is checked with the help of gunas.
There are 36 gunas or points in the Kundali. These gunas are matched and based on the results the
decisions are made.

Following are the different results of the compatibility check –

  1. When the number of matched gunas are less than 18:
    This case is unfavorable for marriages. It is necessary to have a good compatibility rate for marriage.
    This case signifies that the two people will be highly incompatible. They will not be going to have a
    very long-lasting relationship. It would be very difficult to develop a good bond between the two.

2. When the number of matched gunas is 18:
The minimum number of matched gunas in the relationship is 18. Less than 18 is not favourable. But if
you have 18 matched gunas then the relationship will not be that great, but suitable for marriage.

3. When the number of matched gunas is between 18 – 32:
The gunas matching between 18 and 32 are a good condition for marriage. The higher the number of
matching gunas the more will be the chances of a good marriage. The bond made between the couple
will also be very strong as the matched gunas will increase.

4. When the number of matched gunas is between 32 – 36:
This is considered to be the ideal condition for marriage. The condition is best for marriages. This
signifies that the compatibility is very high between the couple. They will understand each other and
would want to be with each other. There will be fewer disputes and more love in the relationship.

Results of the Dosha check

Doshas or faults are the negative influence of some planets in the Kundali of any person. These
doshas create hurdles in the life of people. Kundali matching just checks the presence of doshas and
astrologers would help the couple to find the remedies according to the dosha. Doshas have
dangerous effects on the lives of people. But many remedies are existing in astrology which will help
you find the solution to every problem. The main reason behind doshas is the unfavorable positions
of certain planets. At the time of birth, every planet has some positions. These positions can be
positive or negative for us. If the influence is positive then there will many good things happening in
life. But if the influence is negative then the doshas or faults are created in the Kundali.

There is a lot of fear among people for doshas. But you shouldn’t care much about it as the remedies
are able to solve the issue. Hence, we could see how different results of Kundali matching predicts
some important aspects of marriages. This is the reason, it is considered to be an effective ritual.