Saturn’s Essence Depicting The Importance of Kundali Matching


What is Kundali Milan?

Kundali matching or kundali Milan is an age-old tradition or a practice that is performed before
the marriage between two people takes place. India is a place of diverse cultures, norms, and
languages. It is a country vibrant with diverse religions and each religion has its practices.
Similarly, kundali matching is a ritual performed by the Hindu community. Kundali matching
has its roots in the ancient ages and has also been mentioned in the sacred Vedas. Every child or
person on this earth has their birth charts. This chart is made based on the snapshot of the
universe above us at the exact moment we are born in. This is called the Janam Kundali or birth
chart. It predicts the future of the individual warning them about the mishaps on the way.
Framing a Janam Kundali right from a young age helps the parent save and protect the child
from the mishaps predicted. The chart of an individual is based on the positions of the
constellations, planets, and stars. These positions of the celestial bodies have the power to impact
the native’s life both in a positive and negative way. The negative effects can also be removed
with the help of certain astrological remedies.

Why Should We Opt for Kundali Matching?

Kundali Matching is highly beneficial in determining levels of compatibility between a couple. It
studies both the bride and the groom’s Janam Kundalis and makes predictions on the same.
Kundali Milan is an efficient tool in comparing the interests, personalities, health factors,
financial prospects, progeny, outlook, and shared activities of the couple. For example, the
ashtakoot Milan system considers a total of 8 guns in a person and goes on to match them. In this
way, points are added up out of a total score of 36. A couple that gets a score above 18 is
considered to be a good match while a couple scoring less than 18 is considered to have conflicts
and obstacles in their relationship. Kundali matching is also effective in love marriages as
studying of kundalis points out the points of conflicts in a relationship and prepares the
individual. It also predicts doshas and yogas present and the negative ones can be removed or
canceled. Let’s know some more about such negative doshas.

Role of Saturn

Saturn is the second biggest planet in the solar system and has its share of importance in kundali
and horoscope matching. Saturn or Shani is generally not considered to be a benefic planet.
Saturn remains in a sign for two and a half years due to its slow pace. Saturn invariably translates
to poverty, loss, lack of prosperity, and nervous system-related issues. Saturn or Shani dosha
have strong ill effects on the individual. However, if Saturn is placed in a favorable position,
especially in Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius Ascendants, it can bless the individual with
affluence in abundance. Additionally, it also helps them with communication skills, high
designation, authority, and successful life. Let us see what happens if Saturn is placed in the first
house of the horoscope.

What Happens When Saturn is placed in the First House?

The first house of a native’s birth chart is considered to be extremely important as it covers a lot
of aspects of the individual’s life alongside their personality and appearance. It is considered to
be the House of Mars. Saturn, as it is, is a planet of hurdles, troubles, struggles, and limitations,
and when placed in this house, it may curse the natives’ appearance with rigidness. The native
then embodies a non-flexible personality, is resistant to change and is always harsh and serious.
These individuals face quite a few worries and struggle especially when alone. They are prone to
several obstacles and delays. The education of the individual is affected too. They also face
struggles in their married life. However, if a proper kundali matching reveals this negative
aspect, there are certain remedies the individual can undertake to avoid such problems. This is
why Kundali Milan becomes important. The individual then can lead a happy life, correct his
wrongs, and have a happier and healthier married life.