Significance of Kundali Matching in Love Marriages?

Significance of Kundali Matching in Love Marriages

Kundali Matching has been a significant part of marriages in India or as per the Hindu tradition for a long time now. The customs and values associated with it have evolved with time yet the practice of Kundali Milan of both groom and bride stays unaffected even after centuries. Kundali Matching gain importance particularly due to the prospects of arrange marriages in India and ever since then has been the ultimate factor in matchmaking between the girl and husband to be. This is due to the fact that in the arrange marriage system, both the girl and boy tying the knot have not to spend a substantial amount of time with each other prior to the marriage alliance. Kundali Milan is an important factor because the two separate individuals post the wedding would be united to each other for a lifetime, therefore, it is important to determine whether or not they would be a perfect match for one another. Although the couple would not have an idea about each other’s personality yet via matching their Kundali an alternate way to find out the compatibility between the duo can be easily done.

Kundali Milan and Vedic Astrology

According to Hinduism, marriages are known to be the coming together of two souls via divine values and mantras for a lifetime union. The lifetime of togetherness between the two souls lasts only if they are able to find a perfect match for themselves. This is what Kundali matching is equipped with to know whether who is the right partner for us. The procedure to find this important factor is done via matching the birth horoscopes or Janam Kundali of the individuals who are ready to tie the holy knot together. This birth chart outline contains the planetary positions and the alignment of stars during the hour of birth of an individual. Then an experienced astrologer proceeds ahead with both the kundali’s by doing Gun Milan and which is popularly known as Ashta koota method. Here in this system, both the Kundali are analyzed and then each koota is given the point as per the match. It is then as per these points scored, it is predicted as to whether the marriage would be successful or not in the future. It is said that for a marriage to be a successful one at least 18 points need to match on an average to even think about moving ahead with the process.

Significance of Kundali Matching

The important question arises here is that are these rituals significant for Love marriages as well?

As per resources, Kundali matching is not just an important method to know about the compatibility factor between the duo but also gives info regarding their behavior, past affairs, disliking, etc. These points can either be known or unknown by both the individuals in case of love marriages. However, regardless of disbelief people have in Kundali matching prior to marriage with their choice partners it has always proved to be beneficial as it can detail some important information regarding post-marriage life like the number of children, the possibility of divorce, etc.