Significance of the 8th House in Kundali Matching- The house of Mystery and Death

Significance of the 8th House in Kundali Matching- The house of Mystery and Death

Kundali matching is an important ritual that is conducted before a marriage between two
individuals is fixed. India is a land of cultures, traditions, and rituals, and thus, kundali matching
has its roots in India and the variant traditions and cultures of the nation.

How is Kundali Matching conducted?

In arranged marriages, if the boy or girl is deemed to be a suitable bride or groom, their Janam
kundalis are matched to see if the marriage is compatible. The Janam kundali is a snapshot of the
sky when an individual is born. It corresponds to the positions of stars, planets, and
constellations in the sky during the exact time and date of birth. This position forms various
yogas and doshas that finally map and chalk out the life and future of the individual. Based on
such connections, the presence of planets in different houses, and the presence of doshas and
yogas in one’s chart, it is studied and decided if the marriage can progress looking at kundalis
getting matched. 

An interesting fact about kundali matching

Did you know that planets are not the only important determinants that are required in kundali
matching? Similar to planets, there also exist 12 houses in the zodiac which are necessary
conditions to determine an individual’s life. Each house has a specific significance and each deals
with a particular area of life. And what’s more interesting? When different planets are placed in
different houses, the significances of the houses are altered according to the individual power of
the houses. Another fascinating fact is that each house also deals with and is responsible for
specific body parts of the individual. To understand this concept better, let us look at the
significance and role of the 8th house in kundali matching.

The role and Significance of the 8th House in Kundali Matching

Among all the 12 houses of Kundali Matching, the 8th house surely occupies a huge significance
and prominence. This house is one of the most terrifying houses and is considered to be a malefic
house. The eighth house in astrology regulates the area of unexpected events, life longevity, and
most importantly, the area of death. The eighth house governs events that may be responsible for
the death of an individual. It also leads up to factors that may invariably lead to unexpected
events taking place. It also deals with issues of the longevity of life like health and diseases.
Signs and Planets that Correspond to the 8th House of Kundali matching
The sign that corresponds to the eighth house is the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is the eighth
astrological sign in the realm of horoscopes. Scorpio’s characteristics include being loyal,
extremely passionate, mysterious, and secretive. The eighth house of astrology also goes by the
name of Ayu Bhava. The planet of Mars is the natural significator of this house. The eighth
house is a favorable house for both the sun and Jupiter but is weak and unfavorable for the
Moon, Mars, and Mercury.

Areas of Life governed by the eighth house

Apart from the aspects of death, the eighth house also governs the aspect of finance and wealth.
Every unexpected event that corresponds to the acquisition and loss of wealth as a person moves
through life, is ruled by the eighth house. What I mean by this is things like sudden winning of a
lottery, an unexpected loss of a job, windfalls in the share of wealth, inheritances and insurance,
etc are all decided by the eighth house of one’s chart. As Scorpio is the sign of mystery, the eight
house deals with areas of transformation and mystery too. If there is the placement of an
unfavorable planet in the eighth house, one may face delay, depression, defeat, and

As we have already mentioned before, every house also deals with different body parts and it is
the same for house number eight. Thus, the body parts that the 8th house of astrology deals with
is the area of the colon and the reproductive system. This means childbirth and child-rearing,
problems of the uterus, etc, are dealt with by this house.
Thus, the eighth house is an important part of kundali matching and can predict if the marriage
between the couple is favorable in terms of wealth and lifespan longevity.