Signs in Kundali matching for marriage that point NOT to go for marriage

Signs in Kundali matching for marriage that point NOT to go for marriage

There are countless examples of people when they were far happy before their marriage but
after marriage, they feel empty inside rather than complete. In this situation, no one is to
blame but the stars. It is quite a possibility that they didn’t check the compatibility of their
stars. The cosmic energies may be harming them. To ensure that celestial bodies have mercy
on your future, you should partake in kundali matching for marriage.

You may have noticed that sometimes, you have the same thinking as the person you are
talking to. Often than not, some people just give off bad vibes. This same fact can happen in
the marriage too. You two may be great people individually but together, you two might not
be a great fit. In case this is happening with you, this may be a result of the bad position of
stars. This doesn’t mean that you should separate. Astrology provides counselling with stars,
so ask your astrologer about it and they will give you many solutions for a better kundali
matching for marriage.

Here are few pointers that indicate to NOT go for a marriage.

If the personalities don’t match
There are many houses in the horoscope that are looked at while kundali matching for
marriage. The first house in the Janam kundali of any person is the ascendant house. It gives
all the information about the personality of the bearer of Janam kundali. While kundali
matching for marriage you need to make sure that the personalities match. They must have
some traits in common to be compatible.

Expectations vs. Reality
The seventh house of the Janam kundali tells about the life partner of the person whose
kundali is seen during kundali matching for marriage. The person doing kundali matching for
marriage should make sure that the expectations that are written for the life partner, match
with the personality of the prospective bride or groom. If that doesn’t happen the marriage
may fail later. It is also possible that one of the bride or groom may have to compromise a lot
during their marriage.

Drishti of planets
The seventh house also tells about the Drishti or aspects of planets that are present in the
Janam kundali of the person. While kundali matching for marriage it is important that the
effect of good and malefic planets are considered. The planets may affect your life in the
future in a good or adverse way. While kundali matching for marriage it is also important to
look at the planets of the prospective bride or groom too as after marriage they will share
your luck and you theirs.

Saturns and Mars
The position of Shani is Saturn and mangal that is mars may also affect the timing and nature
of marriage. Often the people who have the effect of mars on their seventh house marry late
as they are ‘Manglik. A person who has the effect of mars on their seventh horse must marry a person who also has the effect of Saturn on their seventh house. If this is not done the
effects could be very serious.
If Saturn is present in the tenth house, Rahu (dragon head) is present in the eleventh, third or
first house and Mars resides in the fourth house this could have effects on the kundali
matching for marriage and must be checked.

The place for love god
Venus is the goddess of love. So while kundali matching for marriage, it is very important to
see which house venus resides in. Venus has many names in Vedic astrology like
signification and Karak.

If the effect of venus is not strong it could mean trouble ahead in your marriage. While
Kundli matching for marriage takes into care that Venus has a strong partnership with planets
such as Mars, Saturn, and Rahu. These planets are highly malefic and it would help the
bearers of the Kundalis if the venus has a relationship with them. Having weak Venus could
turn out to be another reason to not marry.

While Kundali matching for marriage, the ill effects in kundali are very common and must
not be feared and ignore. Talk to your astrologer for specific remedies to remove the effects
from your Kundalis.