One of my friends is about to get married, so his parents wanted him to go through the whole process of
kundali matching along with his fiance and he was not very keen on the whole idea or the prospect of it,
and another friend of mine from the same group said that he was an expert in kundali matching and he
could match their kundalis within a few minutes. Needless to say, I had a bad feeling about the whole
idea and advised him to get his kundalis matches with an expert astrologer as well instead of just relying
on his opinion. We got both done, and the difference was astonishing. The friend who claimed to have
known everything was clearly lacking in all details, and the one given and done by the expert astrologer
was so detailed and precise, we were honestly very surprised. So, let me just let in what the astrologer
told us and why we should not honestly try our hands at it.

What is kundali matching?

Kundali matching is the matching of the Janam kundalis of the individuals who are about to get married.
Now, the Janam kundalis of the individuals are like the reflections of the individuals themselves, like
their true inner self, the one which they do not show anyone else except themselves. The Janam kundali
is drawn up and calculated on the basis of the exact date of birth of the individual, the place of birth, and
the precise time of the birth of the individual. And because of this, the Janam kundali of every person is
different, and it is said that no two individuals have the same Janam kundalis. So, when the Janam
kundalis of two individuals match, the Astrologer can compare their likes and dislikes, and
characteristic traits, their dominant personality traits, and so on, but these are just the tip of the iceberg.
Astrologers even check the compatibility between each individual and determine if they are suited for
each other or not. They employ the method called Ashthakoota Milan process where there are eight
kootas, each koota represents various different parts of the individual’s life, and each of these kootas
contains a specific number gunas. Now, these gunas are the ones that determine and analyze the
emotional, physical, mental, and psychological compatibility between the couple. If the couple is not
compatible with each other in any of these levels, then the marriage is destined to fail because for every
marriage to succeed in life, to be compatible on all these levels is a must and one cannot go without the

The main aim of kundali matching is to ensure the longevity of the marriage and to make sure that the
couple has a happy, healthy, and prosperous married life. Without a doubt, the process of kundali
matching is much more intensive and extensive, and this can only be done by an expert astrologer who
knows what to do and has a lot of concentration and the experience to do all the calculations
involved as well. This should not be done by someone who does not know what to do or by someone
who just read a few books and I wanted to test out his knowledge.