The BEST and EASY guide for Kundali Matching

The BEST and EASY guide for Kundali Matching

Have you ever been to any Indian marriage and did you
ever wonder why a lot of rituals take place before people even get married? 
Well now let me tell you something which will blow your mind because there is also another ritual which takes place almost days and months ago before even fixing the date of marriage and the banquet hall which you might be standing in attending that beautiful wedding and that ritual is called Kundali matching.
Now it is obvious to have a question that is Kundali matching any important for marriage?
How is even a piece of paper going to determine the life of two lovers the answer to this is not that simple. So let us get the right approach. 

Kundali Matching Approach 

So let me tell you that there are three main approaches
to horoscope. The first one is that you will believe in the horoscope you
will match the horoscope and if there is a match then only you will go ahead with the
marriage. Now with the second approach, you will believe in horoscope
you will see horoscope you will try to match horoscope and if there are any problems in
matching the horoscope then you will check for if there are any remedies furthermore making
sure that you complete the process including all those remedies and then we know what
future is there in the life of our lovers ahead. The third and the final approach is that we don’t believe
in a horoscope we are not going to see the horoscope at all we will rather tear the horoscope
down and then we will completely rely on God whatever it may come in our life you are not
going to refer to the horoscope again in the future. So these three approaches are okay at a certain level and
at a certain understanding. This horoscope concept or Kundali matching concept gets
emotionally disturbed when it is not seen at the right time of the marriage and is not done on
the basis of horoscope and then after marriage let’s say you feel some problems at that time
and go try to match the horoscope for you get in the process of Kundali matching searching
for the problems regarding the compatibility with your loved ones and try to find out
problems which started bothering you late in your life and
find out the reason why you can’t cope up with the loved ones by going to a ‘Jyotishi’.
In case if you believe in horoscope you have to act
proactively there are very few basic things which I would like to discuss in
this article.

Can a Kundali matching app replace a real Jyotishi?

Yes, because when it comes to horoscope it’s all about
mathematics so it really doesn’t matter if a computer is doing the mathematics or a real
human being because you will find a million websites on the internet which provide you the
facility to check the Kundali compatibility and it will work perfectly fine moreover you also
have some paid apps which will help you connect with top astrologers so you can have a one-
to-one session with them. But now let us say you come under the second type as we discussed earlier so you try and check the result of Kundali Matching but the result which you get is unfortunately not good using
those websites online but as you fall under the second type you are completely willing to
perform the remedial rituals and now this is where meeting an astrologer becomes important
and necessary because the remedial actions will not be told by any app in this world as you
have to have an experienced astrologer for that so that you can proceed with the Kundali
matching process. This is because the ‘Jyotishi Vidya’ just like the other ‘Vedic
Vidya’ and if it is used for earning money or if there is a fixed fee or there
is some amount of demand for giving their knowledge then the power of knowledge goes on
decreasing hence please go to the ‘Jyotishi’ who is very knowledgeable but who respects the
knowledge which he has earned as a Vedic knowledge and who he
doesn’t sell this knowledge and accepts whatever you give him as ‘Dakshina’ or fee.
So in a nutshell horoscope for Kundali matching does work
because it lets you know and gives a very clear picture of your physical inclination, your
sexual inclination, some information about your nature, and at times it can help you in the
process of broadening your vision but as with other knowledge streams if you have some
amount of knowledge about this stream even you can make use of it nicely but otherwise the
first three approaches are the three ways in which you can approach
Kundali matching.
In conclusion, I would like to say Kundali matching is
not only helpful for marriages but it can also help you decide a business
partner it can also help you decide if you can go along with your boss or it
can also help you decide if you can crack business deals with some person. I would always
like you to be open-minded and embrace the uncertainty and the occult nature of this Kundali
matching and keep learning by staying curious.