The complexities of Saturn in Kundali Matching!

The complexities of Saturn in Kundali Matching!

It is very clear by observing the effects of all the planets and stars in astrology, that Saturn has a
very crucial role in Kundali Matching.

The great omens of Saturn:

Saturn is deemed to be the highest and most powerful authority among all the celestial bodies. If
a person is leading a happy life, then it possible that the effect of Saturn on his birth chart is close
to none. The presence of Saturn during Kundali Matching is seen as a curse and no one generally
agrees to marry someone who has the shade of seven and a half years of Saturn in his/ her birth
chart. If someone is in any way involved in a shrewd cause or practicing an immoral profession,
the person will be surely punished by the omen of the planet. It is important to mention, that no
planet has a longer impact period than Saturn. Such an omen could be called great, but in reality,
only brings misfortune, pain, and decline to the one having a Kundali Matching done.

The exalted bad omens of Saturn in Kundali Matching:

The planet is not always harmful. If it is backed up by other stars that are deceitful in the
outcome, then it turns harmful to the person. This specific great omen is greatly damaging and
can put a person through hell if not treated. It can do wonders if it is present in this specific
position, but mostly it only hits a person in the gut. Many astrologers during Kundali Matching
believe that a person can even have an unpredicted demise if the impact of Saturn is left
unnoticed and uncared for. The exalted omen can bring catastrophe in a person’s being. It can
very well induce health issues, make a person buried under long medical bills, or can even give
the curse of a new ailment. It has also been laid down by the fortune-tellers that when Saturn is
exalted in its position, a person during Kundali Matching will face a great loss of assets. The
main loss will be that of property; whether rented or bought, will slip through the hands of the

Greatness put forth by the presence of Saturn:

Sometimes, this planet can also pose exciting, self-denying, and incredible outcomes. It can
accelerate a person’s growth and push him/ her at each step of the ladder of accomplishment. It
could behave as the main source of power to your success and drag you to the top of the
mountain of achievements. The birth chart of a person having the presence of Saturn can show
both negative and positive effects in Kundali Matching. You can be thankful for the happiness it
brings in your life, but at the same time lose your nerves over its terrible doings. If the planet is
somehow present at all the 6th, 8th, and 12th positions of the birth chart at the same instance, the
collective effect will cancel out. All these houses are bad and bring misfortune. However, in rare
chances like that of the simultaneous presence of Saturn, will bring an array of god results and
joy during Kundali Matching.

Overall implications of Saturn in Kundali Matching:

The gross marking of the presence of the planet is derogatory more often than not. Some
astrologers even mention that this planet’s omen could lead to the loss of family members or
close ones to death. It is a prime cause of clashes among the most cheerful natives. The omen of
Saturn is known as the king of deferment and by one way or the other, it will force one to
crumble under the pressure of acquiring materialistic pleasures. The process of Kundali
Matching can help a person come across a strong drive to associate with the greatness of religion
and the almighty to gain solutions for the problems they are faced with. Another range of
difficulties the planet makes a person go through deals with the loss of savings, money, and
assets. It is the key element of the birth chart that brings the chances of one being attacked by
thieves, burglars or criminals and being caught into huge accidents.