The Effects of the Negative Pitra Dosh on Each Sector of Life


The concept of Kundali matching has been prevalent in Hindu society since time immemorial. It
gathered prominence after the prediction regarding Prince Siddharta’s kundali came true. Prince
Siddhartha’s Janam kundali stated that he would grow up to be an emperor or a spiritual leader.
When he went on to become the famous Gautama Buddha, everyone was stunned and the
reliability of kundali matching came into play. Since then, every child born to the Hindu
community is made a separate Janam kundali with the help of the details surrounding their birth
like the date, time, and place of birth. This Janam kundali is made based on the positions of
planets, stars, constellations, and other celestial bodies. The influence that these planetary
positions make is capable of forming various doshas and yogas. These doshas and yogas further
impact an individual’s life positively or negatively. Today’s article deals with the powerful pitra
dosha and its negative aspects in each sector of life. 

Pitra Dosha

The pitra dosha is known to be the effect of the sins committed by the natives’ ancestors. It is a
very powerful dosha with the power to destroy many sectors of life. The person afflicted by this
dosha may be from the descent of some very angry ancestors. The person has to pay for the sins
his/her ancestors committed in their lives. 

Sector-wise Effects on the Native’s Life: 

The effect in terms of progeny: Every marriage is based on the foundation of whether or not to
have kids. Children carry the name of the family forward and thus, most people prefer to have at
least one kid in their lifetime. Having a child is a very painful process and has a variety of risks
involved. It is believed that the person afflicted with the pitra dosha may have problems
conceiving during the marriage that would lead to no continuation of the generation.
Effect on the native’s health: Both the physical health and the mental well-being of a person are
important and significant factors to maintain a stable, healthy, and happy life. However, it is
considered that the one cursed with the pitra dosha suffers many ailments in terms of both
physical and mental health. It may lead to a prolonged life-long disease of the native or his
family members and also cause stress and depression- factors that can ruin everyday life. 
Effect on marriage: Kundali matching is all about marriage and marriage is also considered to be
a sacred ritual in India. One grows up desiring the perfect wedding with delicious food and
lavish decorations. Most importantly they desire the perfect mate to spend their life with.
However, the person who has been afflicted by the effects of the pitra dosha may face a timeless
struggle in maintaining a good relationship with their spouse. They may also face other marital
issues like infertility, a delayed marriage, extramarital affairs, and sometimes even, separation or
The effect in terms of wealth: Every individual desires wealth to settle in life. Being financially
stable is one of the criteria that must be met before marrying. Money does buy happiness as it helps you lead a settled life with the presence of food, water, shelter, basic amenities, and certain
luxuries. However, it is believed that the individual inflicted by this pitra dosh suffers immense
financial issues that lead to poverty, lack of stability, losses in terms of money, being cheated on,
losing a large amount of money, and facing difficulties in getting paid for their work.
Career effects: Career again is a big part of one’s life. Being well established in a career helps
one rise the steps on the social ladder. However, the person who is cursed with this negative
dosha faces innumerable problems in terms of career. They fail to be recognized for their hard
work and rise in their perspective fields. Often, the individual faces difficulties in landing a job.