The Eight Qualities of Guna Milan – All about Guna Milan in Kundali Matching!

The Eight Qualities of Guna Milan - All about Guna Milan in Kundali Matching!

The Eight Qualities of Guna Milan – All about Guna Milan in kundali matching!
People of India consider horoscope matching using the natal chart to be very sacred and
trustworthy. The main process that is used here is of guna Milan. The estimate of the future
using guna Milan is done by the natal charts of the bride and groom. There are different
processes used depending on the area you are in. The Ashtakoot method of matching
horoscope is used in north India and the Dashtakoot method is used in south India.
The Ashtakoot method is more popular for kundali matching if this term is divided, astha
means 8 and koot is qualities so this constitutes the matching between the bride and the
groom based on 8 different qualities. The total score of Guna Milan for Kundali matching is
given out of 36. Let’s check what these eight qualities are.

Kundali matching quality 1- Varna

The ego levels of the prospective bride and groom are checked in this house. The gift of
compromise is very important for a successful marriage. In this house, it is checked that who
will be more compromising. It is divided into 4 categories and the scoring is done based on

Kundali matching quality 2- Vaishya

This house talks about who will be more dominating out of the prospective bride or groom.
The highest marks of this house are given out of two. Five vaishyas are considered these are
manav(human), vanchar(wild animals), chastupad(domestic animal), jalchar(marine animals)
and jalchar keet(insects).  

Kundali matching quality 3-Tara

This koot of kundali matching deals with the positions of celestial bodies at the time of
kundali matching. At most 3 gunas can be matched in this section so the maximum score is 3.
nine stars are taken into the picture by astrologers at the time of scoring.

Kundali matching quality 4-Yoni

This house matches 4 gunas at most and is very important while considering kundali
matching. The graham Dasha of nakshatra in the natal chart is seen in the kundali of bride
and groom to make a match. 

Kundali matching quality 5-Grihamaitri

This has 5 marks for Gun Milan in kundali matching. This house talks about the probability
of having children and the natural behaviour of prospective bride and groom if they get
married. For better harmony between the couple, they must score well in this section. 

Kundali matching quality 6-Gun

This house is used to predict the compatibility in behaviour. It has at most 6 marks for
scoring. People match at most 6 gunas at this section. This deals with the behaviour of the
couple. In this house, there are 3 kinds of gunas. The first gun of the lot is the dev gun which
says that the prospective couple is very religious. The second is Nar Gun which talks that the
prospective couple will give equal importance to their religion and the worldly positions and
at the end, the last gun is rakshas gun where people only think about the materials and their
possessions and do not present themselves to the power of God. 

Kundali matching quality 7- Bhakut

This house is responsible for matching the zodiac signs. The maximum score it has is 7 and
since the score is high it is the very important house for kundali matching. This house checks
the overall compatibility of the bride and tells about the overall happiness the
prospective bride and groom will have if they get married in terms of wealth and

Kundali matching quality 8- Nadi

The Nadi talks about the compatibility in health while matching the kundali. This house
needs to be checked to ensure that the health of both bride and groom is secured after