The Factors To Find The Best Kundli Matching


Kundli Matching is a procedure used to achieve an understanding of the match
between the prospective couple is auspicious or not. Kundli Milan or Kundli
Matching is a Process by which we can understand whether the Marriage
between a groom and bride will be happy or not. It is practiced for years and a
reliable process to ensure harmony in marriage.

It is in use for a long ago and a very useful method to avoid any Marital
disharmony. To ensure the best kundli matching results, one should seek the
consultation of a learned and highly skilled Astrologer.

The most important planet in Nakshatra Matching is Moon. It signifies our
temperament, psyche, and our choices. Moon strongly influences your
emotional state and mentality. Hence the Janam Nakshatra or Moon
Nakshatra of groom and bride must be checked for a harmonious match. The
match done with Janam Nakshatra is called the Ashtakoot match.

Ashtakoot is based on 8 points which are matched for marriage while
Nakshatra Matching. Ashtakoota means eight points which need to check
during Nakshatra Matching for marriage. These are :

 Nadi Koot -points 8
 Bhakoot – points 7
 Gana Koot -points 6
 Maitri Koot-points 5
 Yoni Koot – points 4
 Tara Koot – points 3
 Vaishya Koot- points 2
 Varna Koot – point 1

Factors for best kundli matching :

Life span: We should know the perpetuity of the prospective bride and
groom before we start with the Kundli matching procedure. If any of the
pair is shown having short life in Kundli, what does it mean?

Finance: Money is undeniably a vital part of our life. Before conducting
the marriage, it also plays an essential part. Poverty can bring happiness
and make life miserable. It also destroys the harmony of marriage
sometimes. We must check that we shouldn’t have any daridra yoga in
the horoscope before making the match for best kundli matching

Health: Health is everything. We should check the favorable health
likelihood of the prospective bride and groom. We should also see the
possibility of cure of any persisting disease or health problem. The
couple who do not have good health are not able to enjoy their

Mental compatibility: A person may have all the comforts, money, and
prosperity in his life but still if the couple lacks the understanding and
good compatibility between the husband and wife. Life seems to be in doom. Hence, according to Astrology for best kundli matching, An astrologer should consider this important aspect between the
prospective couple in their respective charts. Mars, Venus, Rahu, and
Jupiter’s planets should be placed in harmony. Problems in the position of
these planets may cause unhappiness in the marriage.

Offspring: A marriage only becomes complete after starting a family.
Even Vedas have blessed people to have a family life. When we check on
the compatibility of marriage, we should also look for prospects of
having children and make sure it is free from dosha. It is a very
important factor to consider and it is a must for the match to be free of
any tribulations regarding children. And if there are any, it should match
with the other’s in Kundli matching or supersede it.

Future Prospects: There is a possibility that someone might be born into
a poor family by birth, but his future can turn into success and prosperity
by some favorable positioning of planets and hard work. In a case like
these astrologers will let you know about the happy and successful
prospects while matching Kundli. This kind of marriage is highly
recommended and considered the best kundli matching factor