The Importance and Role of the Third House in Kundali Matching


Kundali matching is a practice that is religiously followed in the Hindu community of India and
takes place before a couple is going to get tied in wedlock. Kundali matching originated in
ancient times and is prominent to date. It involves deciphering our lives by reading our birth
charts. Our birth charts are based on the date and time of our births and are related to the position
of planets in houses in the sky. There are nine major planets and celestial bodies that are essential
in kundali matching. Alongside these planets, 12 different houses in kundali have an important
role to play. Every twelve house has a distinct role. Another interesting fact that makes the realm
of Kundali Matching more interesting, is that every planet when placed in different houses has a
completely different role to play. They adjust their roles according to their placement in the
house. This article will talk about the significance and role of the third house of our birth charts.

Role and Significance of the Third House in Kundali Matching

Relationships form a big part of all our lives and are often a key factor in our lives. The most
important part of a relationship is communication and without communication no relationship is
successful. The third house of our kundali’s deal with the strength of communication in our lives
and thus, it’s importance can be very well understood.

Signs and Planets Associated with the Third House

The third house is related to the zodiac of Gemini, the third astrological sign. Mercury, the ruler
of intellect and communication, is a natural signifier of the third house. The Moon, Venus, Mars,
and Saturn perform best in the third house. 

Areas of Life that the Third House Governs

The third house in our kundalis relates to communication, siblings, creativity, interests, habits,
intelligence, and instincts, and inclinations. It tells us about how our find is formed and how our
creativity plays out. Communication is often regarded as the framework that determines
everything and thus, the third house can be regarded as the factor that can energize or defunct

Significance of the Third House

The third house in kundali matching determines how we exchange communication and
conversation with others and how we engage with people. It rules over numerous modes of
communication like media, radio, television, telephone, telegraphy, etc. In traditional Indian
astrology, the third house goes by the name of Sahaj Bhava. It is all about staying together, like
each other, connecting with one another, loving, caring, sharing, having wholesome
conversations, etc. These things relate to our immediate family members, relatives, life partners,
friends, etc. However, the main focus of the third house is on the native’s engagement with
neighbors and siblings. Another prime focus of the third house of our charts is adaptability and
changeability. How do we harness and change our communication as per the demand of the
situation, how we understand others, the things that determine our flexibility, and other stuff.

It also determines the relation of these stuff with each other. The third house also helps one stay
close to their immediate environment. This environment consists of parents, family members,
close peers, and siblings. It helps one keep their social life and circle close to themselves. As
intellect and communication are big parts governed by this house, this house focuses solely on
the efficiency of these two factors. Communication and intellect are important in forming
relationships and thus, the third house determines how these two factors will influence our
relationship with siblings, friends, family, and parents. It teaches us how to adjust and
compromise in relationships. Compromising and adjusting is an important factorial that helps us
evolve and grow. Thus, the importance and significance of the third house are perfectly

What does the 3rd House tell about our Future?

Astrology and kundali determine how our life will be chalked out and shows the path to our
destiny. Thus, if the third house is given proper attention, it will take us to the road to success.
Focusing on the third house helps us achieve higher levels in life and improves our personality
and communication. It also benefits our social life and life within the cultural collective
evolution of civilization and existence.