The importance of Kundali matching by date of birth and name

The importance of Kundali matching by date of birth and name

Many incidences may have happened in your marital life, forcing you to think “why the hell did I even marry”? This thought can be against your partner, could be against the very actions they perform, or upon yourself mostly. Unhappiness can arise in any marriage. There are more marriage counselors in the world than ever before as the divorce rates are rising phenomenally worldwide. In Hindu Households, Kundali Matching is given great importance before the boy and the girl gets married.

Whether it be arranged or a love marriage, Kundali Matching is deemed important. Kundali Matching usually happens with the availability of the date of birth, name, time, and place of birth of the couple in question. Kundali matching by date of birth and name is also a way to check the compatibility status of the two individuals in question without involving their time and place of birth.

It is also accurate but the aptest results only occur when Kundalis are matched with these three ingredients: date, time, and place of birth. Kundali Matching by date of birth and name can tell you various aspects of your future married life. It gives insights on the nature of your marriage, your and your partner’s behavior, who is likely to dominate the domestic sphere, financial situation, health of both the girl and the boy, childbirth and progeny, sexual intimacy, etc. All of these are in-depth studies that are only possible through Kundali Matching by date of birth and name, etc.

What if I don’t know the time of my birth? Can I then match my Kundali?

Yes, you can! When people are not aware of the time they were born, Kundali Matching can happen with Kundali matching by date of birth and name. The steps of both methods are similar. After the derivation of the birth zodiac, their Kundalis are prepared and matched with Guna Milan being the very first step of Kundali Matching by date of birth and name.

What if I and my partner are not deemed compatible by Kundali Matching? Will I still be able to marry him or her without getting worried?

Kundali Matching by date of birth and name is not a fixated exercise that is created to be an obstacle for you and your partner. It is just a tool to enhance your marital life by preventing or learning to sail through the predicaments. Do not worry if you get a low score and are not deemed compatible due to the presence of a variety of doshas.

Many remedies are prescribed to the couple to mitigate the malefic effects found out through Kundali Matching. You should go ahead and do them before getting married to your partner devoid of any stress and fret. If you are committed to making your marriage work, then even the stars are willing to bend their ways for you.