Kundali matching is something that should be done for every couple before
marriage in order to know and determine the compatibility between the
individuals. With the rate of divorces increasing and the number of couples
separating at a rapid pace, kundali matching is needed in order to know the
longevity of the relationship or marriage of the individuals. Astrology plays a vital
role in our lives and helps us live our life much better than we could on ourselves,
by guiding us and helping us overcome the obstacles and hurdles that life has put
in our way in order to make us stronger and grow as a person.

What is rashi koota?

Not many may realise this but the Rashi koota is the second last koota in kundali
matching and the seventh test in the compatibility test. This is also popularly
known as the Bhakoot koota and contains seven gunas. This is one of the most
important kootas in kundali matching and contains the second most number of
gunas the couple can score in the test of compatibility. The Rashi koota represents
the wealth the couple will acquire after marriage and also dominantly deals with
the health of the couple. The health of the couple is the greatest form of wealth a
couple can get.

The importance of Rashi Koota in kundali matching.

If one of the partners in marriage faces a deadly or fatal disease that takes the life of
the individual, the score of the couple’s match in the rashi koota would have been
low. Consequently, whoever goes on to start their life with their loved ones, they
would want to start it with good health and a life full of prosperity. What if your
match with your partner is not? What if the both of you are not compatible with
each other and that results in a life full of suffering and unhappiness? It is true that
you need love, you need to be emotionally compatible, you need to be physically
compatible and your partner and you need to share the mental understanding and
patience to understand each other’s point of view and understand what the under
person is trying to say. If both of you lack or fail to connect on any one of these
levels as well, your relationship and marriage is bound to doom and fail.

How does Rashi dosha occur and what happens then?

Rashi Dosh usually occurs when your match failed to score points in the test of
compatibility in the rashi koota. Your match must have scored zero gunas out of
the seven gunas, which would have resulted in the Rashi dosh to form. Doshas are extremely dangerous and can be even proven to be fatal. The Rashi dosh affects the
financial wealth and health of the couple. You may stand to lose all your financial
wealth, your job and the inheritance you may receive. Apart from that, when you
match has a Rashi dosha over it, it can also result in the early death of your partner,
infertility issues, death of the family members, lead to the separation of the couple
because of all these issues and eventually could even lead to the divorce of the
couple. This is not only traumatic for the individuals involved in marriage but also
the family members that the individuals belong to. Furthermore, it is not that easy
to move on from such tragedy and it takes a lot of time and energy for the
individuals and the families of the individuals to heal and recover.
This is why kundali matching absolutely necessary and needed to be done before
every marriage and to avoid all this heartbreak and trauma for so many people
involved in the marriage. Marriage is a sacred union and is the joining of two
families and where they become one family. Rashi dosha can shatter this harmony
and stability of the families and turn it into a tragedy and a story of loss.