The most important pre-marriage ritual

Kundali matching has been counted as one of the most essential steps for matchmaking. It is given the most importance before marriage, to check if the decided pair is a good one, and if they would live a successful and fulfilling married life. Playing a vital role in determining if a match would be a fortunate one, this process compares the traits of both the individual’s Kundali to calculate how satisfying their marriage would be. 

Marriage is essentially the most important step a person takes in their life. One’s lifestyle, general behaviour as well as something as simple as what they do on weekend’s changes after marriage. It is completely like starting a new life, and is it something one wants to go into without proper preparations?

For the drastic changes that arise, going from single or dating life to married life, mixing with the in-laws as well as the partner, a perfect and peaceful transition is what people hope for. What determines a happy and prosperous marriage is the compatibility, between both the two individuals as well as with the family of their partner. And to ensure that a marriage is a happy one, one needs to know about how compatible they are with their future partner and future family. There are also other things to consider that are needed for a healthy marriage.

We, humans, are not as far-sighted as we hoped we would be. We only see the present and can likely predict simpler things from the near future, but when it comes to way further down the line, we tend to falter. So one can predict that they are completely in love with their partner, there is compatibility between the two individuals as well as the family, and yet three years down the line, the marriage could be falling apart.

This is precisely where Kundali matching comes in. 

The chief aim of Kundali matching is to find out where the couple is fated to reach in their married life. When people rush into marriage without getting their Kundali matched, they are most probably leading their marriage life towards a dreaded ride.

From marriages stemming out of love and personal choice to marriages arising from the choice and decisions of their parents or their family, Kundali matching becomes the utmost important custom that leads the decision to be a correct and effective. This auspicious process can aide in nullifying the adverse influence either of the partner’s Kundali might have on their marital happiness. 

In this ritual, the placement of the Moon is given the most importance. Providing the astrologers with the Moon sign also referred to as the Janam Rashi, this placement of the Moon in the horoscope also provides Nakshatra, i.e., Constellation. Janam Rashi and Nakshatra have long been established as the two key aspects of Vedic astrology.

The match between the two individuals is compared based on eight unique aspects of their personality. These aspects, called ‘Kootas’, focuses on the various essential traits needed for a marriage to be a successful one. This process is thus known as the ‘Ashtakoota’ method.

Also known as the Gunn Milan method, the eight aspects hold different weight-age during Kundali matching. The points thus calculated in this process are referred to as ‘Guna’ and this is how the name was originated. 

There are a total of 36 gunas and for a match to be successful, they need to at least receive 18 gunas. Those couples that score points lower than that either get to reconsider the match or could even opt for various astrological remedies that could save them from the potential damages that their marital life could be faced with.

The eight kootas represents different aspects and thus focuses on these aspects. These aspects cover emotional attachment, compatibility, luck, behaviour, intimacy, sexual passion and finally the health of the two individuals. It covers their career, health and luck and how the marriage could affect those aspects. 

It is a big misconception that Kundali matching is only for arranged marriages and for people of the past and it has no place of importance in today’s modern love marriages. This pratha of Kundali Milan has been going on since centuries before humans were properly civilised. Following a science very few can understand, it is something that can help any married couple to lead a happy and improved life.