The Planet of Love and its Role in Kundali Matching


Contrary to popular misconceptions, Kundali Matching is not based on superstition. Instead, it is
the study of planets, constellations, and stars, that make the universe above, which in turn helps
in determining compatibility levels. The positions of stars and planets are based on the date and
time of the birth of the native and after studying them, precise reading and prediction are made
by an astrologer who is well versed in the art of kundali. This kundali then is used during the
marriage of the native to decide if the match is compatible according to the stars. Kundali
matching is very vast as it also involves the reading of planets in specific houses. Did you know,
a planet’s role in an individual’s life is completely based on the house in which it is placed and
keeps differing from house to house? Interesting, isn’t it? And, pretty difficult to decipher too!
However, this article will help you understand more about the idea as we embark on knowing the
role of Venus and its significance in each house of the chart.

Role of Venus in Kundali Matching: 

Venus is the planet of love, comfort, and luxury, a planet associated with romance. It has been
the subject matter of many literature pieces and also has a strong influence on most of our lives if
present in the chart. Venus is the only planet, other than the sun, that is also a star! Venus brings
the luxury of a house or vehicle in the native’s life with strong Venus influence in his chart. It
also has a powerful impact on the person’s career depending on its position in the birth chart.
Let’s find out its significance in different houses of the horoscope chart.

Role of Venus in Different Houses of the Birth Chart:

1st House– If Venus is found in the 1st house of the native’s chart, the native will likely be fond
of art, painting may be interested in singing or dancing, and may have strong connections with
the top officials in the industry. Venus in the first house improves luck and brings happiness to
the life of the native.
2nd House– The native with Venus in the 2nd House of the chart is blessed with economic and
financial prosperity. He may also start a business venture with his/her partner. The individual
will also be blessed with good looks and a comfortable lifestyle.
3rd House– The individual with Venus in the 3rd House of his/her chart is quite likely to be a
miser. He or she might be lazy but will still succeed in being a scholar or painter. They will also
be most likely involved in traveling.
4th House– If Venus is present in the 4th House of the native, he/she will be blessed with
numerous romantic affairs in his/her lifetime. They may also get attached to some foreign-based
ventures and succeed in such.
5th House– The native with Venus in the 5th House of the chart will represent social issues or
will have a successful political career. They may also get attached to artistic activities and
entertainment industries and can make a career out of such. 

6th House– The person with Venus in the 6th House of his/her chart will likely pursue a career in
politics, working for communal harmony, or judicial proceedings. They will also have a strong
association with the field of health or medical procedures.
7th House– The person with Venus in the 7th House, is most likely to get associated with
spirituality and make a career out of it. He will also be creative which will help him in his career
8th House– If Venus is positioned in the 8th House of the chart, the individual will possess a
long-life expectancy. However, they might be cursed with a bitter or foul tongue. 
9th House- The native with Venus in the 9th house of the chart attains his livelihood by
performing religious activities or work. 
10th House- Native with Venus in the 10th House does well in business, is blessed with
financial prosperity, and earns respect from the government.
11th House– The Native with Venus in the 11th House will get associated or involved in the
the business of gemstones or white objects, professionally.
12th House- Native with Venus in the 12th House is associated with humanitarian activities like
helping the greater good, philanthropy, donating to charitable organizations and helping the