When kundali matching by date of birth is done, it is usually done with the help of
the personal details of the individuals that are going to get married. The astrology
that performs kundali matching requires personal details like the specific date of
birth, the precise time of birth and the exact place of birth. If the details provided in
these factors that are needed are wrong or even slightly incorrect, the whole
kundali matching between the individuals could go wrong and this is why. Kundali
matching is technically the matching of the janam kundalis of the prospective bride
and groom, and these janam kundalis are better known as birth charts that will help
you know how your life is going to play out for you and these janam kundalis are
made with the help of the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of the
individual. It is believed that the janam kundalis of the individuals are unique and
it changes from individual to individual. It is also believed that no two individuals
have the same or even similar janam kundali, even when it comes to twins.

The reason behind why kundali matching by name is done

A lot of times, one of the individuals are not sure about their date of birth or some
other detail that is needed when it comes to kundali matching by date of birth. That
is where kundali matching by name comes in and saves the day. Kundali matching
by name is when the astrologer matches the name of both the individuals that are
about to be married but there is a slight twist to this. An individual has two names,
one being the name that the individual uses every day and the other being the one
that is written in the janam kundali of the individual.

Now, the astrologer uses either one of these names in kundali matching to know
the compatibility between the individuals that are about to get married. According
to the astrologer, the name that is written in the janam kundali is known as the
janam rashi name and is used to match and predict the sexual and marriage
compatibility between the individuals. The name which the individuals use every
day and for their every day activities is used to match by the astrologer in order to
know their love compatibility and how will they be able to get along with each
other in their everyday lives. This is important as if the individuals cannot get
along with each other on an every day basis, it will be extremely difficult because
while the honeymoon phase will fade out, the reality of being married and sharing
a lot of things, coupled with the fact that compromises will have to be made and
the individuals will actually be living together, and they will be able to see and known each other through a completely different light. Which will definitely change the dynamics of their relationship and could even result in a lot of arguments.

This is why kundali matching is strongly suggested to be done before marriage
because while it does tell you how long your marriage will last and how
compatible the two of you are in a relationship, and when it comes to marriage, it
also helps you understand your partner better and vice versa. We often only tend to
show our best sides to our partners, and kundali matching gives you deeper
insights to your relationship and your partner. We tend to often perceive things the
way we would like to see them and not the way they are. Being in love, we find
nothing wrong with our partners, and we also tend to overlook their faults and their
annoying habits. This is why after marriage, these same habits which you would
find annoying and cute at the same time will only just be annoying and the
cuteness factor majorly decreases which again, can result in arguments and fights
that could escalate into something worse. That is why kundali matching by name
helps you not only find the right life partner for you but also ensures your peace of