The Role and Significance of the Tenth House of Kundali Matching


The art of kundali matching or kundali Milan is very different from the realm of superstitions as
it is more of a science than it is superstition. Kundali matching has been prevalent since the
ancient ages and has not even lost its touch against the wonders of modernity, constructive
thinking, the age of reasoning, and the evolution of technology. In fact, technology has promoted
the concept of kundali matching to make its rounds online. Online kundali matching is
engineered by the expertise of astrologers as they help the IT department to feed their knowledge
into data that helps generate online kundali reports. How kundali matching works is that when a
child is born, the exact details regarding his birth like the date, time, place, are noted down which
is then studied by an astrologer to make the Janam Kundali of the child.

This Janam kundali is based on the position of planets in different houses of the chart. This is because each house and each planet has special significance regarding one’s life and also govern specific sectors of the
life of a native. The power of planets plus the influence of houses on different areas of life
couple up to indulge in a final influence that then chalks out the native’s life. Taking the example
of houses, let’s look at the influence of the tenth house in the realm of kundali matching.

Role and Significance of the tenth house in kundali matching

Among all the 12 houses that are important in the realm of kundali matching, the tenth house
holds an important and special significance. The tenth house of astrology is the house that
determines our career path in life and the occupations we will indulge ourselves in. The tenth
house of astrology also goes by the name of Karma Bhava. It influences the type, the kind, and
the area of work we will go on to do in our lives. The occupations we will indulge ourselves in
are determined by the position of planets in this house.

The Planets and Signs Associated with the tenth house of kundali matching

Each house is associated with one zodiac sign each, out of the twelve zodiacs. And so is the tenth
house. The tenth house is associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Capricorn occupies the
tenth position in the realm of horoscopes and thus associates itself with the tenth house of
kundali matching. It is familiar to us that Capricorn is a zodiac that produces workaholics, goal-
oriented, and ambitious offspring. Thus, we can find the relevance of this house and Capricorn.
The two planets that are natural significators of the tenth house are Mars and Saturn. Needless to
say, both houses deal with the areas of work and ambition. However, the tenth house is not a
favorable house for Jupiter, the Sun, and the Moon, to be positioned in. On the other hand, it is
Saturn’s house and Saturn positioned in the tenth house will bring positive results in the area of

Areas of Life Preceded over by the tenth House

In the world of astrology and kundali matching, the tenth house of an individual’s birth chart
represents the position of leadership, of being a royal figure, or a chief leader. And, another
extremely interesting fact is that the tenth house is also powerful in determining which political
party will be the ruling political party of a particular nation. As a matter of fact, the tenth house
of astrology also determines the most influential people of a nation. All these people fall under the domain of the tenth house of kundali matching. The tenth house also determines other factors
of life including the areas of integrity developed within a person, the kind of values a person
imbibes within oneself, the status they will achieve at the professional level, and the pride they
will attain as they grow up. The tenth house also deals with areas of commercial investment,
industries of employment, and the political sphere of one’s life. Thus, it can be perceived why
the tenth house is such an important house in the area of kundali matching. It will show how an
individual develops their skills and how marriage can affect one’s professional life.