All of us know what kundali matching is, and some of us may have a vague idea of
what it is or the general idea of it, and some of us may have no idea what it even
means. Kundali matching is the matching of the janam kundalis of the individuals
that is about to get married, and kundali matching is performed for two main
purposes mainly being-
 To check the longevity of the marriage
 To check the compatibility between the partners.
There are various processes that are used to check these two factors, but the main
a process that is used is the asthakoota Milan process.

What is the asthakoota Milan process?

The Asthakoot process is the process where the compatibility between the
individuals is calculated and analyzed on the three important factors being-
 The exact time of birth
 The exact place of birth
 The exact date of birth.
And if all of these personal details cannot be provided accurately, then, usually the
astrologer resorts to match the names of the individuals. There are eight very
important koftas in kundali matching and each of these kootas represents a part of
the individual’s married life. Each of these kootas contains a certain, specific
number of gunas and the score which the couple is awarded for their match and the
total number of gunas are compared and analyzed, and on the basis of that score,
the compatibility between the individuals is decided.

What is the Grah Maitri Koota?

In kundali matching, the Grah Maitri Koota comes as the fifth koot and is the koota
which represents the mental compatibility between the individuals that are going to
get married, as well as the mental understanding they will share and the love
among them. Both the individuals need to have trust in their partner, as well as
even be compassionate towards their partner. Communication plays a very
important role in any relationship and in a marriage is a vital part of a healthy and
happy married life.

How is the score in Graha Maitri koota calculated?

If both the individuals have the same Moon sign and are friendly, then all the five
gunas are awarded to the couple. If one of the partners has a Moon sign and the
other is neutral, then four gunas out of five gunas are awarded to the couple. If
both the partners are neutral towards each other, then the couple is awarded three
gunas out of the five gunas. If both the Moon signs of the partners are enemies,
then the couple is awarded zero gunas out of the five gunas.

What is the role of Graha Maitri Koota in kundali matching?

The role of Graha Maitri koota is to basically see if the individuals are in sync with
each other and can understand the point of view of their partner. A high Graha
Maitri Score just indicates that the individuals will be at par with each other
mentally, and will also be able to challenge each other to grow better alongside
their partner. People often think that mental compatibility does not play a role
in a relationship, and in the end, in this world of today, who spends time speaking
and talking about any topic in depth. People look for physical compatibility more
than mental compatibility, but they fail to understand that if you do not at least
share a similar mental outlook towards life, the marriage is bound to fail because of
the constant difference in opinions. This is why mental compatibility plays an
important role in a marriage and in any relationship.
This is why the Graha Maitri plays an important role in kundali matching because
the importance of mental compatibility in every relationship and how it helps the
individuals who are getting married grow in marriage and be mentally prepared to
face any obstacle that comes in their way.