India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions and while living in a country like ours’s one
needs to be all adaptive in order to understand long-prevailing customs. Speaking of
customs, as per the norms of Vedic astrology, the pious notion of getting married has been
diversified by our forefathers. getting married in India is not like finding a guy and then
spending the rest of our loves with him. It is a full-fledged process of matching the birth
charts of the two natives involved so as to provide them with a long-lasting married life. 

Kundali Milan has several aspects to be followed, the families from both sides share the
birth charts of the two natives and with the help of an astrologer, the compatibilities of the
two are matched through the ashthakoota method. Which helps us determine the matched
gunas of the potential couple. Apart from this, other factors include planetary actions and
their placements in different houses. As such placements help us determine the
auspicious and inauspicious effects of these planets and houses on the lives of the

Speaking of planetary positions, all nine planets have different effects on each and
every person, and especially the sun and the moon are considered to be the main planets
with several benefic as well as malefic effects depending upon their positioning in one’s
birth chart. So, let us have a look at the significance and the role of the Sun and the Moon
in astrological terms: 


Sun is the king of all the other planets and the according to the astrological terms the sun
is known for providing light to all the other planets. Sun is a planet that provides life on
earth and it is an ancestral planet as it is also responsible for pitra dosha. Moreover, the
planet sun is also responsible for the native working in the government sector, it also
makes a person determined, principled, disciplined, and influential and a person with an
auspicious effect of this planet can achieve success at a great level. 

Sun is the reason for the existence of almost everything and it contributes to the continuity
of life. A person with a strong influence of the sun is likely to be reasonable, balanced, and
stable in terms of taking decisions and acting upon those. such people likely to think
before reacting, they analyze the entire situation before taking any harsh decisions. The
further characteristics of the Sun also include being fiery and all energetic, it likes to give
orders and not take them. Moreover, it understands the limits of their actions and the Sun
is the ruler of the heart and eyesight. 


as stated above about the sun, likewise the moon is the queen in our astrological terms. 
as per the astrological norms, the Moon is the rule of emotions and mental stability in our
lives. Moon is without a doubt one of the most important factors in Vedic astrology, and it
helps us with the advent of prosperity and mental power in our lives. I’m sure that we all
have read several poems about the beauty of the moon, well those poems do not do any
justice to the actual beauty of this planet. It is the significant symbol of beauty and love and
it might not be that large in measurements, but the Moon is situated close enough to the
earth. And this closeness contributed to the fact that the moon has a huge effect on human
beings and especially on women. 

The existence and the presence of the moon are so important in our Hindu mythology that
women have the ritual of opening their fast with a glimpse of the moon. And moon
represents a motherly nature as it is known for its warn nurturing traits and also because it
nourishes the life on earth just like a mother. 

So, all in all, the sun and the moon are two oilers of our astrological structure, they have a
deep-seated effect on our lives and both tend to provide the natives a whole lot of benefits
from their end.