The Underdog Planets in Kundali Matching

The Underdog Planets in Kundali Matching

Okay, so we know that you’re tired of reading about the same planets again and again. At this
point, you probably know a lot about the sun, moon, or Jupiter. These are not the only planets in
kundali matching in Hindi by name. 

The universe is filled with various planets and each of the planets stands for something
completely different. This article is about those planets that don’t get mentioned enough. If
you’re into astrology you should have knowledge about every aspect of kundali matching in
Hindi by name also includes planets.


Venus is known as the morning star and it can be easily seen in the northern region in the early
morning. This planet can do you a lot of favors. Venus is well known to be the brightest star in
the sky which just means that it is the planet that rules love and attraction. When Venus talks
about love it covers many aspects of love. 

Venus can be a planet of many things which make life worth living. It can attract wealth,
knowledge, beauty, and prosperity. Venus can be extremely beneficial after marriage as it will
give you the luxuries required after your marriage. It is a planet of love and sex which is an
integral part of any marriage. 

Venus in a bad position however can make a person extremely unhappy. Clear signs of bad venus
is heartbreak, any problems in relationships, or just a low attitude about life. It can cause many
problems in your married life as well.


Saturn is well known in the Indian culture as planet Shani and it is considered very important for kundali matching in Hindi by name. It is a planet that moves slowly due to this planet being very huge. Saturn is historically an old planet due to the fact it represents aged people. 

Mostly this planet is considered malefic in nature and it can have many horrible effects. Things
like poverty at any point in your life, loss of a loved one causes sorrow, accidents, and tough
decisions in life. It can be a grim planet when at worst.  In a good position, it does not bring sorrows of any kind. Saturn in a good position can make a person wealthy and can give any person great strength.


Mercury can be very beneficial as it is the planet of communication. Communication is a key
part of kundali matching in Hindi by name. It is something that will help you in both your
profession and private life. People with strong mercury are able to thrive in careers that need a
sharp tongue, witty personality, and great sense of humor.

These qualities are not only great for your career but can make you extremely famous in your
circle as well. It is a planet that quite literally represents cleverness which is the quality that is
necessary for today’s age.