The yearly effects of planets on Kundali Matching!

The yearly effects of planets on Kundali Matching!

How do planetary positions help in Kundali Matching?

The condition of a planet, the moon and the sun are the most important determinants when it
comes to the effects of one’s birth tie. It can be said that due to the framework of the planets on
the birth chart, almost the entire life of a person is shaped. It is so because they have different
roles and omens to contribute. Thus, apart from deducing the fortune of a person through his
general character and temperament, reading of natal charts is used, which provide a much more
diverse reading. The periods of the auspicious planetary positions in the process of Kundali
Matching is used only in the science of astrology that came out of the Hindu culture while the
other counties seem to disregard it. Nevertheless, with the passage of time invested in reading
charts of different people it has come into the notice of astrologers tat natal charts are the most
accurate when based on planetary positions and can even lay down the implications of life with
shocking accuracy.

It is so because when the planetary positions are considered in while performing Kundali
Matching, the objective and vision are broadened more than the persona of the person and have a
larger ground of deduction because of the celestial entities. Only so much could be said while
focusing on an individual and anything that is beyond the control of that person could possibly
not be seen. Whereas, with planetary positions, nothing I missed during Kundali Matching.

The need for Natal charts for Kundali Matching:

A Natal chart is needed when someone wants to know about the upcoming events of the year. The
yearly outcomes can be well predicted towards the start of the year itself if the person is a pre-
formed birth chart. It is helpful because it lays down the projections of positions of planets that
determine the shape one’s life will take in the coming year. However, when birth charts are
considered, the readings begin from the Hindu New Year. It is used by astrologers all over
the world because the line that is drawn using the points of planetary positions at the exact time
of the birth of someone is called the lifeline and holds a ton of mysteries within. The predictive
array of events is deduced by the conditions of Heavens, Sun, and the Moon at the time of the
birth and when read with respect to with the readings of the birth chart, tell more about the
development of a person, by the process of Kundali Matching.

Another chart that can be constructed just by the use of time and date of birth, is the Vedic chart
which is gain used to determine a lot about a person. Although it is extensive with its readings, it
is not much helpful when predicting the future because it is the idealistic representation of how
things should go in someone’s life while the birth chart is the actual representation of how it is

The yearly and weekly predictions in Kundali Matching:

The readings about the upcoming events in a year can be made online on the site of Trusted
Teller, just with the use of the date of birth of the Bride and the Groom It is done on the margins
of seasons and how the inclinations, interests, behavior, habits, traits, and individuality of the
person will go on to flourish over the span of 365 days. It tells about the fascinating occurring
that are around the corner and when to expect them. A person can also get answers to what
should be done in order for some accomplished goal to be achieved. The usage of Kundali
Matching is multifold and is mostly used to check out the compatibility between the prospective
groom and the bride. They need to have a match in most of their general characteristics and
should be individuals of the same makeup else their contrasting character can result in the
blowing up of the relationship. E families should also perform Kundali Matching beaus it gives
an image about the financial grounds of the couple post marriage.