Understanding the problem of Mangal dosha


Experts believe that mangal dosha occurs due to the wrongful positioning of the ascendent sign
in the cases of mild doshas. There are two other types of doshas, ones which occur due to the
moon and the strongest ones which occur due to the wrongful positioning of Venus for one
particular person on the day that they were born. What usually happens is that if Mars is placed
in the 2nd, 4th, 1st or 12th house(s) then the dosha is called low mangal dosha and if the planet
is present in the 7th or 8th house, it is called the higher or greater mangal dosh.

The question arrives, as to why this mangal dosh is so necessary for the process of kundali
milan? If you are familiar with the process of Kundali Milan, you are aware of how the
horoscopes or birth charts of both the bride and groom are usually matched before the marriage
is approved, in order to determine whether they will be a good match for each other or not, and
also if the couple will be able to have a happy married life and bear children along with taking up
the responsibilities of the family that they together want to raise. For this very purpose, several
factors from the birth charts are taken into consideration while matching the kundali, mangal
dosh being the most important one. What is so special about this dosha is that couples who
have an unequal amount of dosha and/or one partner does not have dosha while the other
does, then married life is supposed to be extremely stressful, causing fights and in extreme
cases even divorces or deaths.

This sounds extremely scary, but if the doshas are low for both of the partners and not equal,
then there are a number of remedies that can be quickly and efficiently initiated to protect
them from the wrath of the planets, and either modify the dosha or completely eliminate it. In
case the dosha is higher, there are remedies that can bring down the deadliness of those
doshas to a great extent and appease Mars, but there are no remedies available to cure those

What are some of these remedies? They are very simple to perform religious ceremonies, which
require the utmost amount of faith without which the entire marriage can fail. Faith is the key to
all kinds of manifestation ceremonies, and in some form or another, getting rid of doshas is
manifesting your dream future into a reality. So just like the rules of manifestation, be positive,
detach yourself from your outcomes, while taking small steps into securing the future you want.
In this article, the steps are what we will tell you about.

Firstly, you need to keep in mind that Lord Ganesha is the cure to all mangal doshas. The
simplest solution is to offer him red flowers every single day with gur (jaggery) and modaks or
laddus, at least a month before the marriage is scheduled. The next thing that can be done to
reduce the effects of these doshas is chanting. What you are required to do is wake up early in
the mornings, take a bath, and chant ‘Om Gan Ganpataye Namah’ at least 108 times. You can
do this with a bead as well, or in front of Lord Ganesha, the choice is completely yours. The most important thing to remember is to think positive and speak affirmative statements. Talk about the future in the present tense, and show that you are grateful to the universe and Lord Ganesha for giving you a healthy and happy life. Tuesdays play an important role, and if you wish to ensure that nothing goes wrong, make sure that you fast every Tuesday for at least a month before the wedding date. You can also show gratitude by showing love to those who
need it, through donating blood and visiting the old age home/orphanage, and giving generous
donations. Mind you, this needs to be done by both the bride and the groom and not just either
party. Through these methods, you can easily defeat the doshas in your birth chart during your
kundali milan and make sure that your married life is happy!