If you’re living in a country like India then you’re probably well versed with all kinds of
cultures and traditions as we Indians are known for our diversity. It is a land of different and
diverse cultures with several schools of thought and we are taught to respect all of these
traditions with all our hearts. Indians come out as extremely emotionally superstitious so
we tend to be quite prepared for the future with the help of Vedic astrology. Speaking of
astrology, the Indian mindset works on the basis of the norms and regulations laid out in
the astrological terms, everything from a wedding to a person’s professional career is
determined beforehand with the help of these astrological behaviors and rules. So, if one
is even planning to get married the procedure of kundali matching as suggested in
astrology is considered quite significant. 


Binding two people in an arranged or even love marriage is an art carried out by our well-
versed astrologers as they use their knowledge and stymy of the birth charts so as to
determine the compatibilities of the two natives about to enter into wedlock. Some
youngsters bereave in their instincts nowadays and they do not believe in the norms of
kundalis, but as we know that our country works only on the basis of traditions so, even to
date several families and children follow the concept of kundalini matching before getting
married. There are several aspects that one needs to consider before getting married like
compatibilities, gunas, houses, doshas, and most importantly the planets. So, let us view a
little something about the effects of the planet Venus in our respective kundalis. 


The planet of Venus in Vedic astrology is that of love and it represents the husband or wife
in a marriage. It is basically a planet of marriage, worldly pleasures, sexual pleasures,
clothes, luxuries, art, beauty, decoration, and whatnot. This planet and it’s positioning is
quite important in the kundali of the bride and the groom as it will determine the marital
relationship of the two natives. Moreover, Venus is the planet that signifies the role of
beauty and it is majorly the ruler of the field of glamour, art, and beauty. A person with a
strong effect of venus in their lives will probably be quite successful and will also be a true
beauty inside and out. So, let us examine a few emotions that are ruled by this planet: 


The people with a less strong or basically a weaker effect of Venus in their kundali are
likely to portray certain impulsive traits. They will definitely be easily raged up and will give
into their feeling quite easy. Moreover, such people can also mash rash and quick
decisions without even realizing their consequences and effects on their personal life. 

    People with certain effects of this planet on their kundalis are likely to be higher and
    majorly emotional people. They are also quite expressive about their emotions and they
    might let them out right there and then. They get emotionally attached to people quite
    easily as they are highly sensitive and such people will also be able to be good listeners.
    They can be really understanding in terms of the other’s perspective as they are
    compassionate enough to understand someone else’s feelings. 
  2. LOVE 
    Well, this one’s quite important as we know the Venus controls the feelings of the people
    and the people with a strong and positive positioning of venus in their kundalis are highly
    affectionate and loving by nature. Their loving and affectionate attitude is what drives
    people towards them and they can also be really humanitarian as they are always ready to
    help someone in need. They are all in all highly emotional and sensitive people when it
    comes to love and relationships. 
    If the venus in someone’s kundali is strong and then they can really selfless and
    humanitarian, but at the same time people with a less strong and basically a weak
    positioning of Venus in their kundalis can be highly selfish and they will probably think of
    themselves first and will more or less not care about anyone else’s feelings that much.