Whenever the words kundali matching come to our mind, we end up scoffing.
How can something that is predicted randomly and with the help and on the basis
of the solar system even hold true? After all, we are humans and there are so many
billions of humans populating the planet Earth. What makes us so special that we
need the help of the Sun, Moon, and the stars to help us sort marital problems or
even check how well we may get along with our partners? There is no science or
logic, right? Well, after reading this article, you may change your mind.

Kundali matching predicts the compatibility between the individuals.

Allow me to be more specific, kundali matching not only calculates the
compatibility between the individuals but it also checks how well will you get
along with your in-laws and how both the families will react and perceive this
union. It may sound like one of the best things you have heard to date, but is there
proof of this? Kundali matching does not predict randomly, in fact, it calculates
first, on the basis of the personal details provided by your partner and you, and then
analyses and determines the answer and the prediction that is to be given.

Kundali matching predicts the progeny.

Surprised? Kundali matching not only matches the various levels of compatibility
between the individuals, like being emotionally compatible with each other,
physically compatibility and to share a mental understanding between each other,
but also matches the genetic factors of the individuals and has the ability to predict
whether your progeny will be healthy or not, will your child or children suffer from
any type of diseases which will affect their life, any deformity, how many, children
you may have and so on.

Kundali matching also predicts financial status.

The financial status of the individuals who are about to get married is very
important, and after marriage, it is even more important. Money definitely plays a
very important role in any marriage and it can break or make a marriage. No one
wants to be financially insecure, and kundali matching also predicts how marriage
will be affected, and the financial status of the couple after marriage. It is necessary
to have a work-life balance and during times like these, many a time, work-life
often overlaps with our personal life. There are cases when your work-life affects
your personal life, so much so, that it shadows into your personal life and creates cracks in the foundation of your marriage. This could create problems and a lot of fights, and can even lead to separation.

Kundali matching predicts how long will your marriage last.

One of the main aims of kundali matching is to predict how long will your
marriage last. If the compatibility score of your match is low score, the marriage
is not advised because the compatibility between the two individuals will is low,
which means that the individuals would not get along well and will be prone to
constant arguments and disagreements which would rupture the harmony of the
house, even creating a strain between the other members of the family. In such cases,
it would have been better if the individuals were not married to each other and that
is why the expert astrologer will advise that the marriage should not take place
because of the incompatibility. If the couple has a good or even high compatibility
the score for their match, then the expert astrologer will advise the marriage to take
place because the compatibility scores are good.
As you can see, kundali matching only finds the compatibility score of your
marriage and how compatible are your partner and you, as well as how long will
your marriage last. It is vital for kundali matching to be done before marriage.