What Are The Remedies if Kundali Matching Fails ?.

What Are The Remedies if Kundali Matching Fails ?.

Kundali Matching originates back centuries ago. It was a method prepared by our
skilled astrologers to find out the compatibility of the prospective couple based on
their charts. According to astrology, in Hinduism, it is considered that the different
planetary positions influence our fate or lives. It is a centuries-old culture to perform
Kundali Matching before finding the right match to make sure that the married life be
harmonious and successful. No one can deny the significance of kundali Milan for a
prosperous marriage. Marriages are the most sacred institution and hence, in
Hinduism, it is believed that taking a step towards getting married should pass the
Kundali Matching test as well!

Kundali Matching matches the compatibility, attitudes, behavior, friendship, etc. By
contemplating on these aspects, the astrologer decides upon the probability of
marriage to ensure a happy and prosperous married life. Nowadays, there is an
increasing trend of getting influenced by western ideology, which makes them not
rely much upon Kundali Matching. Therefore, the divorce rates are on a hike. Also,
the people who are in a romantic relationship don’t give much importance to Kundali

But, as they say, every lock has a key, there is a solution to everything. Hence, don’t
stress yourself upon it, if your Kundali doesn’t matches with your chosen partner.
Here have a look at few solutions possible :

A successful marriage takes place when emotional and mental compatibility exists.
But, sometimes some issues may just come up because of problems in Kundali
Matching. Despite the hurdles, you might not want to leave your partner as you are
in love with him/her. To address those doshas, there are various solutions available,
you might want to try to fix your problems in Horoscope.

Nadi/Bhakoot dosha

There is a total of 7 points allotted to Bhakoot Guna. Kundali Matching provides the
details about the relationship of the prospective couple. Due to the arrangements of
the moon signs of the horoscope chart of the bride and groom, Bhakoot dosha in the
form of combinations of 9-5, 6-8, 12-2 is determined in the charts of the couple.

Because of the Bhakoot/Nadi Dosha, various issues can appear in the marriage
such as job loss, accidents, relationship woes, financial losses, emotional
turbulence, health ailments, child-birth, and pregnancy issues. Therefore, it is known
as one of the most apprehended Dosha and certain steps should be taken to reduce
the effects. It makes the marriages deteriorate and the harmony and peace of home
are disturbed.
There are many pujas, mantras that can be done to decrease the effects. They are :
 Donation of cow, clothes, and grains to the poor and deprived.
 Maha Mrityunjaya mantra recitation regularly.
 Usage of different gemstones/ yantras to decrease the destructive effects of
Nadi Dosha.

Mangal Dosha

This is one of the most fearful doshas and causes serious issues in marriages. This
is also known as Kuja Dosha and around 50% of the people have it in their Kundali.
There are different solutions to eliminate this Dosha such as recitation of Hanuman
Chalisa, Performing Kumbha vivah, Observing Fasts, or marrying the person having
the same Dosha in their chart.

There are other many doshas that may be present during Kundali Matching but rest
assured as the dreadful effects also can be lessened with the help of Pujas, Mantras,
and with the usage of gemstones/ Yantras.

Should the marriage be done if Kundali doesn’t match?

The answer is yes! If you are committed to a person and are in so much love with
him/her. Do not think twice, Do it. Follow your heart. If the vibes and commitment are
right, then no one can stop you two from experiencing a successful and blissful
married life with your love. Mismatch of Kundali will not create so much of a problem
if you have faith in your relationship and yourself, But also, take care to address the
problems in the charts with effective remedies. They are easy and available, so why
risk a good relationship? Hence, go get married and don’t stress yourself about it. All
you need to do is to consult an expert astrologer and take advice on the remedies for
your issues in Kundali Matching.