What if Kundali is not Matching? Can I Marry then…?

What if Kundali is not Matching? Can I Marry then…?

The Indian traditions and culture it is very common to match the kundali before marriage. The arranged marriage culture which is very popular in India does not give enough time to the Boy and girl to know about each other in detail. Many people like to get the kundali matched to check the compatibility between the bride and the groom.

Some people get married with love, at times the kundali do not match and the question “what if kundali is not matching?” makes them anxious about their future. Skipping the step of Kundali matching just because you are anxious about “what if kundali is not matching?’ is not a smart step to take. Know why Kundali matching is important and why you must not skip it just because you are worried about the prospect of what if kundali is not matching?

The situation when “what if kundali is not matching” becomes a reality

When the situation of “what if kundali is not matching” becomes a reality and is not checked, it can give rise to great danger. Out of a total of thirty-six Gunas, at least eighteen Gunas must match to the situation of what if
kundali is not matching not being a reality. If the score is less than eighteen the case of marriage is considered to be inauspicious. In the case of arranged marriage, such a match must be avoided.

Or it will lead to constant arguments and heated fights between the prospective bride and groom once they get married. It could even result in a divorce. Another issue they may have is that they have problems related to progeny even when both of them are healthy. They can even suffer from health issues in their personal life. Issues in finance and business can also occur in life. They may have problems related to career goals and have issues with progress if one of them is studying or pursuing further education.

what if kundali is not matching and how to neutralise it?

In the case when what if kundali is not matching become a reality and you are not sure about your planets and stars or are in love you must first check your horoscope to ensure that you are not missing any key pointers that can guide you. One of the pointers is to check the mangal dosha in the horoscope of prospective bride and groom. If both of them have mangal dosh in their kundali then this issue gets nullified.

The seventh house of marriage must be checked if the score is less. If the Lord of the seventh house is strong in this house for both boy and girl then the match can be made. The position of the goddess Venus must also be checked while matching the kundali. Goddess Venus is the benefactor of Love in the life of couples so her blessing can do wonders for the prospective bride and groom. If none of these pointers is true in your match, you can ask specific remedies to an astrologer.