What is all the fuss about Date of birth Kundali matching?

What is all the fuss about Date of birth Kundali matching

To get a detailed Kundali prepared requires three integrals which are date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. But what about the people who do not remember their time of birth or their parents did not record their actual time of birth? Can Kundali Matching be done in these types of cases? Before answering all of this, let us first understand what Kundali Matching is. Kundali Matching is the matching of two people’s horoscopes or Janam Kundalis to check whether they are compatible with one another enough to sustain and create a happy, wondrous marital life. So, the good news for people who do not remember or do not know their time of birth is that Kundali Matching is also possible only with the date of birth as the basic detail. Date of Birth Kundali Matching refers to the matching of the horoscopes of the said individuals who do not know their time of birth.

How is the date of birth Kundali Matching done?

With no detail of time in place, the Pundits take into account the said couple’s date of birth for Kundali Matching. The date of Birth reveals the Rashi or the Birth Zodiac Sign of the individuals with which Kundali Matching then proceeds. The very first step involved in date of birth Kundali Matching is Guna Milan. Once the Rashi, Charan, is ascertained, then Guna Milan takes place based on the Ashtakoota method. People who can score 18 or above are fit to get married. People scoring below 18 are deemed unfit to marry one another but a fact to remember is that Guna Milan is not the only criteria. Other details have to be taken into consideration while doing date of birth Kundali Matching.

Is the result of date of birth Kundali Matching true & accurate?

Yes! Date of birth Kundali Matching can fetch valuable details about your future married life. But the most accurate Kundali Matching is done with time, date, and place of birth; not just with the date of birth.

What to do if I do not know my time of birth?

If you do not know your time of birth and are not satisfied with the date of birth Kundali matching, then you can opt for a process known as the Birth Rectification Process. It can only be done by Astrologers who have deep knowledge of Astrology and have experience of over 15+ years. Otherwise, getting a Birth Rectification Process can be a duping experience for you.

Is it essential to get the date of birth Kundali matching done?

It depends entirely on you and your beliefs. Once you know that Astrology is not just a belief but a deep, intricate, and an evolved science, then getting the date of birth Kundali Matching or detailed Kundali Matching is the most essential.

Kundali Matching can spare you from a lot of troubles beforehand you decide to marry the other person. It is only designed for your well-being & health.