What is Kundali Matching Without Time?

What is Kundali Matching Without Time

Kundali Matching is what is trending on the Internet! People have gotten enough time to spend on Dating Apps and find the Mr. Right or Miss Right for them! It doesn’t matter whether you find your life partner online or offline, it is always exciting to know something more and a little deeper about them that can also help you to understand them vividly. Many websites on the Internet are dedicated only to Kundali Matching. But Kundali Matching takes place with three ingredients. What are these three ingredients? These three ingredients are date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. But what if you do not your time of birth? Many parents forget to note down the time of birth their baby is born because of the sheer intensity of the moment and the high they get after seeing their brand-new baby in their arms! In this case, when the time of birth is not known, Kundali Matching without time comes to your rescue!

What is Kundali Matching without time?

Kundali Matching without time is the Kundali Matching which takes place without taking the time of birth into account. For this type of Kundali to happen, the only date of birth and place of birth credentials are needed for Kundali Matching to happen. Many people have questions regarding the authenticity of Kundali Matching without time. Do not be worried. Kundali Matching without time is as authentic as Kundali Matching which is done taking into account date, time, and place of birth.

How does Kundali Matching without time takes place?

After you enter the date and place of birth, a detailed compatibility match comes into view in Kundali Matching without time on online platforms. But if you wish to have it done by an experienced astrologer face to face, then Kundali Matching without time similarly takes place but the astrologer can talk about different scenarios by telling different time slots the person could have been born, this would be his or her story, otherwise this. Hence, it is always best to have Kundali Matching without time done by an experienced astrologer face to face in case of queries as online platforms can’t answer them all.

What to do if I’m not satisfied with Kundali Matching without time?

In case you are not satisfied with Kundali Matching without time and want to dig a little deeper, then you can opt for the Birth Rectification Process that can only be done under trustable circumstances and by experienced astrologers of Jyotisha Vidya. It is a special process that takes place for an individual to know his or her correct possible time of birth.