What Is Meant by Kundali Matching by Name in Hindu Astrology?

Kundali matching is considered the most important aspect while fixing a Hindu marriage. Hindu scriptures believe that marriage is a holy association of two persons planned even before birth. Marriage is a beautiful moment in one’s life. Hindu astrology urges to match the birth chart before fixing anything to ensure a long happy married life. Everyone wants a partner who keeps them happy and they can create beautiful memories with them. They are focused on finding the right partner and it can be done through Kundali Matching. Kundali matching is known by several names such as Janam kundali matching, Patrika matching, or Guna matching.  

There are mainly two ways of Kundali matching- by name and by date of birth. Kundali matching by name is one of the best ways to find the compatibility between a boy and a girl. It is also used to determine the Shubh Muharat of the wedding after agreeing to the marriage. In this article, you will get to know more about kundali matching by name.  

Marry the right person by Kundali matching  

In Hindu Astrology the process of kundali matching is renowned. Marriage is a dedicated bond uniting two different souls, which brings them cooperatively for a happy married life. The factors considered for fixing a marriage are as follows: 

Guna Milap 

Manglik vikar 

Navamsa Chart’s strength 

Only after keeping these factors in mind the kundalis are matched and you marry the right person. Even if any one of the factors mentioned above is ignored then you will not lead a happy marital life. 

Guna Milan in kundali matching 

A Janam kundli or birth chart is prepared at the time of birth of a child. When fixing a marriage it is taken into account while matching kundali. Guna Milap is established on the location of the moon in the birth charts of the girl and the boy. In northern India the procedure of Guna Milap is known as “Ashtakoot Milap” where Astha is eight and Koot means aspect, thus signifying the eight aspects of Guna Milan. The AshtaKoot are as follows: 

Varna/ Jati: It indicates the spiritual compatibility of the boy and girl 

Vasya/ Vashya: It represents control in marriage and mutual attraction 

Tara/ Dina: It relates to birth star destiny and compatibility 

Yoni: It estimates the sexual compatibility, intimacy levels, and mutual love between the partners. 

Graha Maitri/ Rasyadhipati: It represents friendship, affection, and mental compatibility 

Gana: It relates to temperament and behavior 

Rashi or Bhakoot: It represents love and emotional compatibility between the couple 

Nadi: It relates to genes and health  

There are a total of 36 gunas in Ashtakoot. If the girl and boy match less than 18 gunas then they are not recommended for marriage. If the gunas match between 18 to 24 then it is acceptable and recommended for marriage. If the number goes above 24 then they will make an ideal couple and will live a happy married life.