kundali matching

Kundali matching, Kundali Milan, or Horoscope Matching are a few names that have been given to an
unique process of understanding the full life story of the individual’s life that is going to take place
after their marriage. It is the linkage between the man and their woman to understand the depth in
the relationship as well as the highs and lows formed, due to various circumstances or conditions. It
is a prior step that needs to be taken before executing the rituals of marriage or to be precise, this is
the affirmation that is required to continue with the relationship to take it to the near future for a
proper marriage.
This process has been well maintained since the ages of rishis and hermits as it signifies an important
relationship that takes place in the world. The serene process of marriage is based on the few
reasons that makes Kundali matching a prior choice that is needed to be taken to carry on with the
later rituals.


This is not only to see the match is healthy or not but it yields more benefits to both the bride and
the bridegroom. According to the Vedic astrology, the sequence of Kundali matching holds 36 gunns
that ensures the properity for the couple’s future. These gunns carry different aspects that define
the relationship between the couple. The indication of the destiny and the matching of the stars
depends on it. This forms a consensual harmony between the partners with ease.


There are people who think that Kundali matching are only the process to understand the
companionship but it is way beyond that. With the help of matching of the janam kundalis, the
planets not only starts influencing the individual’s life but also the life of their respective partner.
There is a koota named Bhakoot which helps to understand the standards of finance in the
relationship between the couple. Due to the proper compatibility, there are chances of heavy
growth in career and jobs as well.


Kundali matching can be relied with the predictions over the ability to carry off-springs for the later
generation as well. Through this process, we can be well aware of the health of the child and their
stability in life. Nadi koota makes sure to inform the details related to the child birth that takes place
between the couple. A family can only be known to be complete if a child holds their hand. Thus,
parents are quite protective to go for kundali matching to be satisfied with the happiness for their
near future.


Understanding a person is not that easy but with the help of Kundali matching, almost anything and
everything is possible. We can evaluate the temper, the attitude that the couple holds over one
another. For a success in terms of a relationship, the thing that really matters for the whole lifetime
is to understand the stability that the marriage brings in their life and for their future well-being. The
matching also discovers the physical attraction between the couple ensuring a harvesting
relationship full of satisfaction and joy.


With the alignment of the stars during the person’s birth, his/her fortune gets created. Now the
positioning of the stars decide whether they are born with a good or a bad fortune. The timing
matters a lot in this process. If there are any sense of mismatch that takes place in the timing, it
gives birth to the specific doshas. There are a few doshas that can be taken care of yet there are a
few which needs proper attention to be ripped off from the core as it can disrupt a person’s life.
Doshas like Shani and Manglik are a few that an individual is already born with. That is why, they can
be detected through janam kundali but Nadi dosha can only be detected through kundali milan. If
there ratio of the doshas are in extremity. The couples are suggested not to get married to avoid
mishaps and fatal tragedies like death or separation forever.