Why are names even considered during the process of kundali matching? A valid
question no doubt, since kundali matching does require the personal details of the
individuals that are about to get married, these personal details involve information
like an exact date of birth of the individuals, the specific time of the birth of the
individuals and the exact place of birth as well. So, why are these details even
needed? These personal details that are gained from the individuals, the expert
astrologer then draws up the birth charts of the individuals, after which these charts
are matched by the astrologer in order to know if the individuals are compatible
with each other or not, and moreover, if they will be able to live a happily married
life or not.

So, where does the names of the individuals fit in kundali matching?

Now, there are times when the individuals or even one of the individuals that are
involved in the marriage may not be able to have the exact and precise information
of one of the parameters that are needed when it comes to kundali matching. So,
what does the expert astrologer do next? Can the astrologer leave it at that?
Considering the fact that the preciseness of the information is must because if there
is even the slightest of the mistake in any of these conditions it would result in the
whole calculations that are involved in the drawing up of the janam kundali chart
to go wrong which will also result in the whole kundali matching report to go
wrong and this would give the wrong reading to the expert astrologer which would
lead to the married life of the couple becoming a disaster just from this small
mistake. So, if the individual are not sure or do not have their personal details what
is the next step that can be done? That is when the expert astrologer uses the nails
of the individuals to match their kundalis and to know if they will be compatible
with each other or not.

Now, how many names does an individual have when it comes to kundali matching?

Every single individual has two names which are the janam rashi name which is
found in the horoscope of the individual and the other name through which the
individual is called every day, and this name is used in the every day life of the
individual. Are both the names needed for kundali matching? Is not one name
enough? So, the janam rashi name that is found in the horoscope of the individual,
this name is sued to check the sexual compatibility between the individuals, as well as their every day life compatibility, whether the individuals will be able to live
and get along with each other or not. The name through which the individuals use
every single day, for their every day chores or during their work, this every day
name is used to match their mental compatibility as well as the marriage
compatibility and if they will be able to get along well and share the same level of
understanding between them. This is important, in fact all the above said factors
are important as they help in making sure that the married life the individuals share
will be a happy and peaceful one, as well as it will also make sure that the
individual do not disrupt the harmony of the house they live in.

Apart from that, this also ensures that they respect each other and they do not
disrespect their work or even allow their partner to go through phases in life which
are hard for them alone. Kundali matching is done in order to make sure that the
individuals will be able to respect each other as well as their space and be able to
support each other when things go wrong. No one wants a partner who does not
stick by them when things get hard and run at the first sign of difficulty. That is
where kundali matching steps in and makes sure that every individual gets a
partner that is meant for them and will be able to understand them well.