Why Nadi dosha is considered to be so dangerous?

Why Nadi dosha is considered to be so dangerous?

Kundali matching not only does the compatibility test but it also checks the doshas in a Kundali. These
Doshas can influence your marriage to a huge extent. There are many different types of doshas
present in the Janam Kundali. Each dosh has its own causes and effects. There is a huge importance of
doshas in astrology and it is never advised to ignore the presence of doshas.
There can be a lot of different causes for the doshas. Some doshas happen due to the unfavorable
position of planets while some can be due to problems in the Kundali. Each dosha affects some areas
of life. They don’t influence the entire marriage. The influence is present in certain areas.
One such dangerous dosha is the Nadi Dosha. It is a very common dosha as well. People suffering
from the Nadi, dosha has to undergo a lot of remedies to cancel the influence of Nadis.

What is a Nadi Dosh?

Nadi dosha is a very serious fault in the Kundali matching of two people. It can have serious
consequences in the lives of people.
Nadi dosha occurs when there is a similarity in the Nadi of the partners. Similar Nadi represents that
they belong to the same ancient family. In the Guna Milan ritual, the Nadi has given the maximum
number of points. It consists of 8 points in total.
Hence, for a favorable marriage, the Nadis of the two people shouldn’t be the same. Then only
marriage is said to be favorable. Astrologers always deny marriage between people who have the
same Nadis.
Nadi Koota is among the 8 kootas of the Ashtakoota Milan system. It checks the health compatibility
of a couple. After Mangal Dosha, the most feared Dosha of the Kundali is the Nadi Dosh.

Effects of Nadi Dosh

It is unfavorable to marry someone who has similar Nadi because of the serious consequences it has
in a marriage. There are many dangerous effects of the Nadi:-

  1. The most dangerous effect of the Nadi dosha is in the childbirth. It is considered that the couple
    might not have a child or will be facing difficulties giving birth to a child. There are chances of the
    child born being disabled as well. The Nadi dosha makes the next generation weaker and unhealthy.
    Hence, Nadi dosha shouldn’t be ignored.
  2. There might be a lot of marital issues especially related to health problems. The couple might be
    going through a lot of medical conditions which will be making the married life very difficult.
  3. It is also considered that Nadi dosh doesn’t allow the marriage to be long-lasting. Such marriages
    might break very easily and the couple might get separated.
  4. Due to the presence of Nadi dosha, the couple might be facing issues in their relationship as well.
    The love and affection in the relationship will be getting affected.
    Hence, couples with Nadi dosha will not be going to have an easy married life. Their life will be filled
    with many ups and downs. It is very difficult to handle such marriages for long.
    Remedies of Nadi dosha
    There are so many dangerous effects of the Nadi dosha in marriages. Then, what should be done to
    cancel the effects of the Nadi dosha from marriage? Many remedies are existing in astrology that can
    successfully cancel the effects of the Nadi dosha.
  5. Consult a good astrologer and asked for a gem that can remove the effects. There are gems which
    can remove the Nadi dosha from the Kundali and blesses the couple with a good life.
  6. There is a special Puja performed mainly to cancel the influence of the Nadi dosha. It is known as
    Nadi Dosha Nivaran Puja. It blesses the couple and successfully removes the effects from the married
  7. Helping and donating poor and needy families can also work as a remedy.
  8. Chanting Mantras is another very useful remedy for Nadi dosha
  9. Performing Havans can also remove the Nadi dosha