Why you can trust kundali matching by date of birth only


We live in the modern era, where everyone is plain scientific. This is the world of proof and
theorems. In this world too kundali matching by date of birth only stands the test of time. It
can be explained in all its logical and scientific aspects by a skilled astrologer.

In a country like India where arranged marriages are very common, it is hard for anyone to
find out about the true nature and psyche of the person they are considering marriage with.
The process of Kundali matching by the date of birth only helps everyone to know about their
potential better half and their family. A bad marriage does not affect two people, but two

The procedure of kundali matching by date of birth only can help the astrologer from
preventing people to go through the pain of a bad marriage and then a subsequent divorce.
There is a reason, India has a less rate of divorce compared to the world, it is because the
prospective bride and groom can get insights into their future life before even getting

The basics of Kundali matching by date of birth only are very easy to check the compatibility
between the prospective partners. The Asthakoot Milan system is very commonly used for it.
This is a point-based system where at least 18 out of 36 points must match for a good
compatibility score. If the score is less than 18, the match would not be considered desirable.

Sometimes people do not consider the score of the kundali matching by date of birth only
because it is low. They find it difficult to part ways citing that they are in love or find
themselves compatible. In this case, it is advisable to follow the corrective measures for a
better match. They can ask their astrologers for remedies and follow them religiously. 

There are reasons why no one should ignore kundali matching by date of birth only

Reason 1: It prevents marital problems in the future.
The planets can reside in certain inauspicious yogas. This could mean bad news. The wrong
position of planets while kundali marriage by date of birth can mean bad marriage. There are
some combinations present like Mrityu Shadashtak that do not look into the eye of each
other. The lords of some zodiac sign are not compatible with each other at all. For example,
the lords of the Aires sign and Virgo do not like each other so their match must be avoided
until the astrologer finds a remedy. 

Reason 2: Determine the quality of life
Kundali match by date of birth can also tell about the overall life a person would have if they
get married. The degree to which the planets are placed in the kundali is very important and
must be given a special focus. The planets can be divided as fancy, youth or old. If a planet is
fancy this means that the planet has fair strength. The planet being young means that the
effect is excellent and an old planet is an indication of weak energy being radiated by it.

Reason 3: Attract the most suitable prospects

Every person you find as a prospective partner could be analogous to a new opportunity. Like
opportunities, often we think about whether to say yes or wait. The kundali matching by date
only tells answers this question. You can know about the time you will get married and the
details about the person you will get married to with the help of Kundali matching by date of
birth only.

Reason 4: Helps in avoiding bad marriage connections
It is well established in society that a bad marriage can ruin the life of a person. If Rahu
resides in the seventh house of the chart, it may be bad for marriage. Venus, the goddess of
love is a medium used to prophesize the compatibility of marriage. If Venus is prime in the
first house, the marriage of the person can be severely hit. 
Venus if paired with Ardra, Kruttikka, Mool, or Ashlesha leads to a lack of trust between the
husband and wife. Venus paired with these houses could also lead to extramarital affairs in
the marriage, which can hurt badly.