Kundali matching is extremely important when it comes to knowing the
compatibility between the individuals who are about to get married and even in
knowing the future, and what obstacles lay in front of their part. As we know,
kundali matching is the matching of the janam kundalis of the individuals, and
doing so gives the Astrologer a deeper insight to how the individuals actually are,
and if both of them are actually compatible with each other or not. There are
times when individuals are not compatible with each other or when they realize
that while they could be compatible now, on a number of levels, they may not be
compatible in the future on the much-needed levels that they had to be compatible
in, which would result in the marriage failing and in the separation of the partners.

To understand the doshas in kundali matching, we need to know what they are and how exactly are they formed.

During the process of kundali matching, there are in total about thirty six gunas
that are to be analyzed and calculated while comparing the janam kundalis of the
prospective bride and the prospective groom. It is believed that a minimum of
eighteen guns have to be matched between the janam kundalis of the individuals
in order for the marriage to be approved by the Astrologer and to clear all the
compatibility tests successfully. It is said that only when the couple is able to get at
least eighteen gunas out of the thirty-six gunas, can the match be successful and the
couple will be able to live in marital happiness and harmony with the least number
of troubles in their married life. But what happens when the couple cannot score
eighteen gunas in the kundali matching? That is when kundali dosh is formed.
When the couple cannot score at least eighteen gunas out of the thirty-six available
gunas, or even if there are more than one or one defects in the compatibility and
the kundali matching, that is exactly when the kundali dosh is formed.

The three main kundali dosh that seriously harms the couple’s married life.

So, while there are different kundali dosh that can be formed during kundali
matching, there are three very important kundali doshas that can even cause the
early death of the partner in marriage. The three important kundali matching
doshas are the Nadi Dosha, the Bhakoot dosha, and the Manglik dosha. Now, all
three of these doshas have the power to destroy the lives of the individuals and
their families. The Nadi Dosha is formed when the couple fails to score gunas in the Nadi koota and the Nadi Dosha represents the health of the couple, the matching of the genetic factors and so on. If the couple fail to score in this test, this test being the test with the highest number of gunas, this could get the overall score
down. The Nadi Dosha can cause a lot of problems for the individuals, ranging
from infertility issues to health related problems to weak and unhealthy progeny.
Coming to the Bhakoot dosha, just like the Nadi Dosha, when the couple fails to
score gunas in the bhakoot koota, the bhakoot dosha is formed. The Bhakoot dosha
can cause financial problems and mental agitation between the couple. The
Manglik dosha is caused or formed when an individual marries a Manglik and this
causes a lot of problems in their marriage, from constant arguments and fights to
the disharmony in the house to the misunderstandings that are caused in their
marriage, it will never stop which would eventually lead in the separation of the
couple. A manglik is a person who was born under the influence of the planet

What are the remedies for these doshas?

So, it would be wise if you consulted your trusted Astrologer who can determine
and analyze the nature of your dosha in your kundali matching as well as help you
with the correct and right Vedic astrological remedy that is designed just for your
dosha. The expert astrologer will also be able to guide you through all the
problems you may face in your relationship.